DVD: Angels & Extraterrestrials

DVD: Angels & Extraterrestrials

  Angels and Extraterrestrials
2 HR. DVD – 1 disc – $20


For thousands of years the appearance of Angels has inspired mankind to wonder about the heavenly origins of these celestial messengers. Where do they come from?  How do they operate? Are they physical beings or inter-dimensional messengers who can appear or disappear at will? What is the difference between an Angelic being, and an Extraterrestrial visitor?

This visually stunning presentation takes you on a journey into the inspiring world of the Shinning Ones, and explains how the historical link between these two groups came to be made, and how it is affecting our world today. We begin our journey showing real photographs of Angels or Spirit Guides, the powerful and loving beings who invisibly oversee our world. But then we move on to the deeper conversation about the hidden history of the human race, showing stunning visual evidence of many types of human beings who have been on our planet in past ages, including the skeletal remains of human beings some 10, 15, 25 and 35 feet tall, echoing the Biblical stories of the giants of old.

In this visually riveting presentation, Tricia McCannon gives us a glimpse into the long and complex history of the Earth, the vast ages of time that have come before our age, and opens the door to understanding how both Angels and Extraterrestrials have long been a part of our history.