Time Travel, UFOs & World Changes

1 Hr – One Disc – $20


This fascinating one-hour DVD was recorded live at the Conscious Life Expo in San Francisco. It covers some profound topics including the secret city of Damanhur Italy, that Tricia has been visiting for over a decade, a community of ancient initiates who have returned to Earth in present time, and are using the science of Time Travel to change the course of human history for the better.

With strong connections to both the Galactic Federation, the legendary world of Atlantis, and a future timeline that desperately needs changing, this talk reveals how Damanhur’s spiritual initiates have journeyed from the future back to our time line, and then backward even further to an earlier age to make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Enormous in its scope, and far more real than science fiction, this is one amazing presentation that will blow your mind!