Article: Fairies and Little People

Article: Fairies and Little People

Discovering the Existence
of the Little People


fairy illustrationIn virtually every culture around the world we hear legends of human creatures different from ourselves: Giants, mermaids, pixies, elves, fairies, brownies and leprechauns. These various creatures or nature spirits  populate the lore of tribes as diverse as the Persians genii, the Greeks salamanders, sylphs and undines, the mermaids of the Scottish Isles, the North American Yeti, the Norse frost giants, the German dwarves, Abominable Snowmen of the Himalayas and the fairies, elves and leprechauns of the Celts.

Orb close upBut what is the source of these legends? Are they only whimsical fairy tales, or is there actually some basis in fact? Where did these creatures come from, and where have they disappeared to in a 21st Century world?  Is it possible that in ages past this planet was populated by many different species of human, and that now most of them have gone extinct?   Are these races completely third dimensional, or do they exist alongside us in some slightly altered dimension? Do they vibrate at a speed than we do, remaining largely unseen by most of the world unless one has developed one’s inner etheric sight?

Is there physical evidence that they exist? And what do giants, fairies have to with Extraterrestrial visitations? Is it possible that some of these beings came from another planet, or that perhaps, these were the original inhabitants of planet Earth and that we are the true interlopers?

orbs in a forestSince the advent of digital photography, we have begun to see evidence of another kind of life that seems to exists between the cracks of the human world. First there were the photographs of luminous symmetrical Orbs that seem to reside in nature or in places of harmony, or where melodious music is present. I have had photographs of such Orbs taken around me while playing a flute in a sacred corner of the Cornish Coast known as Saint Nectan’s Glen.

Glen is an ancient sanctuary sacred to the Lady of the Lake. It can only be found after taking a 45 walk though a primordial forest that has grown up around a rushing stream. At the end of this walk is an enormous multicolored orbswaterfall and an entire woods fulled of fairy folk, all far away from the maddening world of human beings.

Having taken groups there on pilgrimage no less than three times, now I bring my flute, discovering that what draws them to us is the music.

Flying Insect ChartAre these strange flying luminous beings the fairies of ancient legend? It is possible. Any close examination of the structure of the Orbs themselves, reveal that they are not fireflies or insects and can usually not be seen with the naked eye. Perhaps for most of us, this is how our modern world is most easily able to perceive them. Take a look at these multicolored photographs  and notice the structure within each of the colored Orbs.

More recently, a 53 year old man named John Hyatt, who is a lecturer at Manchester University in England and the Director of the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) at Manchester Metropolitan University, snapped photographs of what he claims are tiny winged creatures. He was out photographing the Lancashire landscape over the last two years, and when he blew his photographs up, he could not believe his eyes. These extraordinary photographs were taken in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire. Notice the appearance of Orbs directly behind them.

Fairies verticalHyatt says that when he first saw them, he had to do a double take. He now hopes that the creatures he snapped photos of will change other people’s perceptions of fairies. “There are stranger things in life than fairies, and life grows everywhere. I don’t believe they are just smaller versions of us and go home and have a cup of tea at the end of the day. From my experience they were just enjoying themselves and there was a little dance in the sunlight going on. They are just beautiful pictures and beauty can make people believe.”

A number of these amazing photographs can be found on the web, but as I researched the article at the British tabloid called the Mirror, my computer consistently froze up and an odd message about “debugging the script” appeared, making me wonder whether political powers  had created a deliberate interference with this information being shared more widely with the public. This second photograph shows a fairy flying over a garden at night. It was also shot by John Hyatt in Britain, showing the luminous movement of the wings while the fairy’s limbs remain more in focus.Fairy flying over garden

And then there is the case of Ms Wildgoose. Like John Hyatt, Lisa Wildgoose was taking photographs in the ancient Bluebell Woods near Towcester, Northampton, when she captured an amazing image of what appears to be a tiny winged figure hovering near a drooping bluebell. When enlarged the creature looks like it has blonde hair and shiny shoes. The 42-year-old, only noticed the tiny sprite when she got home and was going through her day’s photographs. Miss Wildgoose, who works professionally as a photographer, had been out in the woods doing a shoot for a family the day before, and then decided to return to do her own shoot the next day. “As a little girl I grew up believing in fairies and Tinkerbell is my favorite film, so I would love it be a real-life fairy,” Miss Wildgoose said. She lives close to the woods with her twin daughters. Later that evening when she returned, she spotted what she believes is a fairy. She immediately called her girls, Mia and Madison. The five-year-olds took one look at the picture and said: ‘That’s not a fly mum – that’s a fairy.’

Fairy in Northhampton“I was really shocked and freaked out at first. I thought it was probably just a fly…but when the girls saw it, there was no doubt in their minds.” The photograph has astounded friends and family, because when the small image is blown up, it clearly shows a creature with two legs, two arms and four wings.

Fairy in WarehouseThis next photograph comes from a still frame taken from a warehouse security camera in Memphis, Tennessee. The warehouse owner authenticates that this image has not been edited in any way. He had several people evaluate the image to determine whether it was some sort of insect, but no one could conclude it was any type of bug.  The owner explained that this camera has a motion sensor and was programmed to send image alerts to his laptop any time something moved in this warehouse.  So the image went directly from the camera to his computer. He said he got a series of images well after the workday that showed this little purple blur flying all around the building. The image in this video was in the middle of the series and it was the least blurry. The warehouse is a secured building and to this day, he remains convinced that his camera has captured an actual fairy.

He has taken this photo to naturalists and scientists of Nature Centers and Museums, and each of these professionals has concluded that this is no known insect. Based on the other photographs taken from the video feed, they estimate that this creature is less than six inches tall, and the color of the fairy is also a source of confusion. The lights in the warehouse are on for security purposes, but why he wondered, is this object glowing? Actual insects have been captured with his security camera, and they look just like insects. There is no strange glow or odd purple color. Still, after Fairy fossil found in oil fieldthree years of independently investigating this photo, the warehouse owner is still at a loss as to how this image can be explained.

Recently I have also come across an image of a fairy’s body imprinted on a fossil, showing that these beings do have a physical reality, even though their diminutive size and rapid speed make them difficult to see with the naked eye. Take a look at this interesting image and see what you think.  As we discuss in our article about GIANTS, it does appear that the human species in all its many variations, has many different sizes and shapes and it might do us good to consider that we are not the only sentient beings alive on this planet. There are several others. Thus the impact we make upon our environment and the world, does make a difference for every form of life that calls the Earth our home.



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