Faith, Healing, and Personal Empowerment

Faith, Healing, and Personal Empowerment

Welcome to Our Speaking Series on
Faith, Healing & Empowerment


The focus of this Inspirational Speaking Series is on personal and global Self Empowerment, Healing and the journey into Wholeness. These talks focus on our connection with our own Creative Potential, Finding our Higher Purpose, and the Magic of Romance within ourselves, other people, the world around us and the Sacred. Some talks include Power Point Presentations, but many do not. Any of these talks can be adapted for Key Note presentations, Workshops or Lectures.


Reempowering Women in the 21st Century

Around the world the roles of women are changing, and after nearly 2000 years, we are finally moving back into a partnership model of empowerment. Yet only 100 years ago our great grandmothers fought for the right to even vote; to be seen as intelligent individuals whose lives and opinions mattered. Over the past 50 years, as women have returned to work place, they have proved their skill, talent, and ability to listen, lead and follow, again and again.

Yet in order to compete, women initially had to adopt the Male Model of competition, instead of the more holistic paradigm of cooperation. However win-lose dynamics is not the natural way of women, whose very nature is about building nurturing relationships and mutual win-win dynamics.

Can we really imagine the mothers of the world dropping bombs on other countries? I think not.
No, the power of women is the unity of sharing, listening, understanding and caring, and in this, we have the power to heal and change the world.


Grace: Living with Radical Love and Acceptance


The Balance of FriendshipIn the hustle and bustle of our goal-oriented lives, often we forget to stop and smell the roses; to have gratitude for the many large and small blessings and to let in the power of Grace. Grace is a quality of ease that allows us to experience our lives without struggle, without resisting what is, and allows us to be present in the magic of the moment. No matter what our circumstances in life, there is always a silver lining behind apparent events, if we can only find it.

Often this means reframing the way that we look at the world, and discovering what our highest life lesson or blessing is the events that unfold in our lives. Is the glass half empty, or half full? What can we find to bless in the condition of our health, our relationships, and our finances? How can we embrace the opportunities for growth in the buffet of life we are experiencing? Through the power of Radical Love and Acceptance, and reframing the present and the past, we can find the insight to invite Grace into our lives.


Creating Space for Miracles


A leap of faithWebster’s defines a Miracle as “a remarkable event or thing that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, especially an Act of God.” Examples of this might include a miraculous recovery from an illness, an unexpected financial windfall, or the safety of a loved one who is put in a time of imminent danger.

Yet where does the power of a Miracle come from and what sets it in motion? Are miracles happening to us every day, yet we have forgotten to take notice of them? Can a miracle happen in our lives, or does that miracle have anything to do with us? A wise sage one said, “The real Miracle is a change in consciousness,” and that is the focus of this uplifting and inspiring presentation. How can we open the space for Miracles to occur in our own lives? How can notice the Miracles that are already occurring, and step on the path of letting them unfold? By aligning with and utilizing the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, how can open ourselves up to seeing all events as opportunities for growth and allowing our  Miracles to become manifest in our lives?


Change Your Priorities and Change Your World


Finding Inner PeaceWithin the Western paradigm that most of us have grown up in, our success is often measured by how big our house is, how new our car is, and how much money we have in the bank. Yet these transient markers, however pleasant, are not the true essence of who we are, and they do not really hold true when we consider the real meaning of our lives.

As one who has died and met her Council of Light Advisers, Tricia can tell you that these external trophies are not of the least concern to the higher consciousness beings who sent us here long ago. The questions that are most important have to do with a quality of the heart:

“Who did you love, and who loved you? Who did you help, and who helped you? How did your life make a difference to the world to others? And how have you encouraged or inspired those around you to live a richer, deeper, kinder and more profound life? This inspiring, experientially based talk, challenges each of us to examine the value system of sex, money and addiction, and to realign ourselves to one of service, devotion, kindness and wisdom.


Heart, Mind & Spirit in Balance


The Buddha MindHave you ever noticed how difficult it seems to keep everything in balance? We juggle our families, our work and our workout schedules; we live to work, instead of working to live; we compromise our true life purpose for a paycheck, sacrifice our alone time to please our children and spouses, and relegate our time with God to a few hours on Sunday morning.

As the speed of life increases, and the demands on our time accelerate, more and more we are each called upon to find ways to better balance our hearts, our minds and our spirits. Yet, remembering that Earth is a school of mastery, and that you have entered the PhD. program of learning, not only gives us a higher perspective, but also allows us to cultivate a sense of humor about it all; to acknowledge what a remarkable job we are doing in the stressful world of performance; and it encourages us to look for ways that we can take time for our own spirits and keep our lives in balance.


Awakening Your Inner Visionary: Drawing on Both Sides of Your Brain


The Visionary MindWithin each of us lies the capacity to become a visionary, yet how do we invoke that special talent of genius? The ancient Egyptians taught that we must develop both sides of our brains, the left and the right, the logical and the intuitive – symbolized by the icons of the Left Eye of Horus and the Right Eye. These are the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves.

While today our society now stresses the masculine accomplishments that we can see, hear, taste and touch, this is but half the picture. The other half resides in the power of the Imaginative Mind, and this is linked to the Magical Child within. The Magical Child is that portion of us that is connected to our greatest joy, our innate creativity, our emotional accessibility and our ability to be present in every moment. It is the guidepost for our happiness, our abundance, and our emotional well-being. Divinely connected to the Creator, it is the link that allows us to open our inner sight and inner hearing, and to receive the inspiration of the heavens, if we will but open the door to the riches it contains.


The Hierogamos or Sacred Marriage


The Sacred MarriageRomeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Tristan and Isolde, Scarlet and Rhett – all of these great love stories stir our hearts and make us yearn for our true Soul Mates, and yet they are but reflections of the mystical Hierogamos, the Sacred Marriage of the Mysteries.

What is the Sacred Marriage, and how can any of us find it? Traditional Jungian psychology has long ago established the archetypes of the Anima and Animus, the inner male and female that resides within us all. But how can we locate these parts of ourselves and bring them together? How can this make us happy?

And to go a little deeper, we must also ask how the upbringing we received in childhood affect our selection of romantic mates? How is that so many people wind up choosing partners who seem to almost be our opposite, but that cause bliss or unresolved conflict? How can we begin to choose our romantic partners or Soul Mates more wisely? In this funny, insightful, tender presentation, we examine the concept of the Hierogamos within ourselves, and how this plays out in the day to day dynamics of our often challenging romances.


Discovering Your Life’s Purpose


Finding Your PurposeAll of us want a life with meaning, yet many times we struggle to find the purpose for which we were born. Circumstances block us, finances limit us, and we get stuck in the day to day struggle of the system. Yet embedded within the often dysfunctional history of our childhoods, are important clues to our true mission. This arc of mastery can be called “My Karma meeting my Dharma;” in other words, mastering the wounding of your life results in discovering your life’s work.

For example, the mother whose child is killed by a drunk driver, decides to start MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers; the child whose parent dies of cancer decides to become a doctor; the girl who gets pregnant in high school, grows up to become a therapist for teenage suicides; the boy who loses his legs in war, goes on to become a Pulitzer Prize winner, and goes on to inspire thousands of others to overcome their own obstacles. This moving, insightful, empowering talk will forever change the way you look at the adversity of your life, taking you out of the role of Victim and into the Path of Victory.


Pay It Forward: Living a Life of Courage and Faith


The Hero's JourneyHuman beings are a remarkable species, as fragile as a leaf and yet as a durable as stone. Known to have prospered in even the most deplorable conditions, they have the unique ability to create a life of beauty and meaning in the most challenging of circumstances. This inspiration talk focuses on small and large acts of Courage and Faith, and will lift even the most cynical among us. This is the faith of a child in adversity, the faith of a wife for her husband, and the faith that despite all evidence to the contrary, shows us that there is love in the world. We all have a chance to “pay in forward” in our lives. We can do this in the largest and smallest of ways, whether checking on a neighbor, sending a thoughtful card, speaking words of kindness at a funeral, helping someone with groceries, volunteering at a soup kitchen, YMCA, or little league, or helping an elderly person up the stairs. Life is made up of these small and large acts of courage and faith, and we have a chance to practice them every day of our lives. This is the true meaning of “paying it forward,” knowing that “what we sew in life, is what we will reap,” and that what we do in life comes back to us a thousand fold. It is the small acts of courage that our character is born.


Mastering the 12 Archetypes of the Soul’s Journey


Astrology as DestinyAstrology, long thought by mainstream critics to be a stepchild of astronomy, once held a prominent place of honor and respect for thousands of years among the most noble and learned sages of the world.  However today, because of the split between science and Spirit, most people are deeply unaware of this connection. Yet Astrology is the study of the subtle electromagnetic energies that surround our Earth, and it describes the archetypal energies that live within the Cosmos and also exist in a unique form within every human being. These twelve energetic archetypes are not unfamiliar to us. They are the warrior, the lover, the thinker, the visionary, the shaman, the rebel, the inner child, the mother, the patriarch, and the conscious personality. They are represented respectively by the planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, the Moon, Saturn and the Sun.

In addition to these archetypes, Astrology represents the path of Initiation that each Soul takes in our journey home to God. The various signs of the Zodiac, each ruled by one of these planets, relates to our stages of Soul evolution and where we are on the Wheel of Life. Are we at the beginning of our journey where we are young, courageous and foolish? Are we in the middle where we are learning the consequences of our actions? Are we at the place where we are working on our perfection, our accumulation of wisdom and understanding, our right use of power, our service to mankind, and our commitment to use our talents for the good of humanity? All of these lessons must be learned by each of us, and Astrology is a master teacher in giving us insight into where we are on that Wheel of learning.

Furthermore, through understanding the process of Astrological Transits, we can also begin to learn how every life has its seasons. There is the season of wildness and exploration, of falling in love and marrying, of building a life and a home together, to creating career and a life path, of dealing with illness or misfortune, or in finding our life’s deeper purpose and spiritual meaning.  This fascinating journey into understanding the self through the mechanisms of Astrology will make you laugh and cry, nod and celebrate as you see your own life’s journey within the larger perspective of the great Dance of Life.


Claiming the Power Within:
Finding and Changing the Five Things that Bind Us


Finding a Path forwardDuring my 30-some-odd years of counseling, I have uncovered three major obstacles that frequently keep my clients from reaching our greatest potential. These limiting belief systems operate within the subconscious mind, and cannot easily be changed, or even located by the conscious mind. So what are they, and how do they function?  Where did they come from and why are they there?  What are the ways in which they effect our lives, sidetracking our energies and sabotaging our success? How do they affect our success, our relationships, our communication, and our happiness?  How do they impact our self esteem and life strategies?  Even more importantly, how can we discover these limiting belief systems and clear them? This is the focus of this deeply illuminating and life-changing workshop.


Blueprint of the Soul:
The Evolutionary Journey from Heaven


Soul descends from HeavenWho are we as a Soul and where did we come from? What is the nature of our human Soul, and how are we connected with the Angels? What is our purpose in coming to Earth, and how can we regain our Eagle’s Vision to fly above the landscape of our lives and find life’s answers?

This beautiful visual odyssey takes you on a journey into the breathtaking landscapes of the Higher Worlds, and examines our Genesis Matrix, the place where we each first began. It charts our progress through the Angelic Realms into the worlds of forgetfulness, where we fall under the illusion that we are alone, unworthy or abandoned by the Creator – all masks that the Ego wears to keep from remembering our Divine and Eternal Selves. The presentation comes from over 6000 personal readings on four continents with individuals as diverse as Congressmen, Mayors, ministers, mothers, healers and warriors, and will forever change the way that you look at life for the better.