Galactic Awakening & the Solar Lords Course

Galactic Awakening & the Solar Lords Course

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The Return of the Solar Lords &
Galactic Awakening Online Course
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Return of the Solar Lords
Usher in the Age of Aquarius with the Knowledge of the Ancients! 

As the Earth crosses the Galactic Equator it is time to remember the Return of the great Solar Lords.
These are the Light Bringers who come to Awaken Humanity between the Shift of the Ages and to
Help in the Renewal of the World.

At This Time We Have Crossed the Galactic Center!

As the Age of Pisces Ends and the Age of Aquarius Begins,
Our Planet Earth is Now at the End of a 25,920 Great Year!
This Celestial Timetable is Directly Linked to the Shift of the Ages, the Return of Our Star Brothers & Sisters,
and the Return of the Great Avatars of the past.
It is also linked to the Celestial Knowledge of the Cosmos, the Appearances of UFO in our skies,
and the Activation of Our DNA as we Move into the Shift of the Ages.


We Are Living in a Time of Great Planetary Change! 

This Powerful and Enlightening Course is about
understanding the mechanisms in
The Cycles of Time which Create this Awakening.

Buddha the Lord of LightDiscover what the Ancient Masters of Wisdom knew:
that the Light of the Creator shines down upon the Earth in three distinct overlapping ways:
First, as the Visible Sun that gives us heat and light each day;
Second, as the Great Central Sun hidden behind the visible world;
and Third as the Soular Son, the Incarnations of Light who periodically return to Earth to help humanity.

Learn how these great Wisdom Teachers are linked to the Mythos of the Holy Grail, the Cup of Plenty, the 8 Pointed Sun Star,  the Caduceus, the Pineal Staff, the Great Feathered Serpent, and the Activation of our DNA.

Understand the Origins and Hermetic Symbolism Encoded in the Staff of Life and carried by spiritual teachers like Moses, Hermes, Aesculapius, Adonis, Tammuz, Jesus and other great Solar Lords.

Discover the Egyptian Teachers Enki/Ptah, Ra, and Osiris, the Mayan Teacher Quetzalcoatl, the Greek gods Adonis and Dionysus,
the Hebrew Teachers Moses and Jesus, and the Legendary Mesopotamian King Dumuzi or Tammuz
whose rites still play out in our Easter Ceremonies Today.

Learn how the prophecies of the Hopi, Mayan, Hindu, Egyptian, and Celts foresee this
Time of Change and The Shift of the Ages.

Celebrate the Symbols of Rebirth associated with the Tree of Life, the Chi Ro, the Phoenix,
and the New Codes Coming from the Sun.

This Powerful Course Includes:

  • 4+ hours of visually stunning videos personally taught by Tricia McCannon.
  • 1000+ illustrations, and Celestial Maps about Galactic Alignment now
  • 100’s of riveting and powerful facts about our own Ascension and DNA Activation
  • Esoteric knowledge and galactic symbolism encoded by the Ancients.
  • Deep spiritual wisdom explained. Be prepared to be blown away!
  • Separate audio transcripts of all videos for ease of listening on the go.
  • Immediate access to the course to begin your journey.
  • All materials downloadable for you to enjoy and learn at your leisure.

Join Us for These Seven Classes:

Return of the Solar Lords IClass One: Return of the Solar Lords

For centuries there have been legends of the great Solar Lords, the Divine Sons of God who periodically incarnate into the world to bring enlightenment to humanity. But who are these great Avatars and when do they arrive? What are the symbols through which we may know them, and how is their arrival linked to the Age of Aquarius that we are entering now? How are these Solar Lords connected to the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinox and the Galactic Alignment? In this first amazing installment we share an overview the sacred symbols of divine Kingship that mark the coming of the World Cosmocrater. You will discover the Legacy of the Sons of God, the keys to the riddle of the Sphinx, and how they are linked to the coming World Age.

Class Two: Legacy of the Solar Lords and the Renewal of the World

Renewal of the WorldOur ancestors understood the natural cycles of life, and how the life, death and rebirth of these perennial World Saviors is linked to the renewal of mankind. Thus they performed great pageants each year that connected these Sons of God to the seasons of the Earth. Each Winter he dies; each Spring he arises; each Summer he is celebrated at the Summer Solstice, and each Fall Equinox he prepared for the deep slumber of Winter. 

The Solar Lord is the Light Bringer who comes to awaken humanity, thus he is linked to the ever-renewing Green Man, and the Renewal of the World. But why is he connected to the Tree of Life? Why does he emerge from the Cosmic Egg, and how does this symbolism mark him as the Cosmocrater – the divine One who incarnates between the Shift of the Ages? How is his coming linked to the cycles of our solar system? This riveting presentation takes you into the secret knowledge of the Mystery Schools who knew that the Solar Lord contains the Logos, the blueprint who holds the keys to mankind’s perfection.

Class Three: The Many Incarnations of the Solar Lords

Incarnations of the MastersThroughout human history, there are many manifestations of these Solar Lords in countries around the world. Each has been honored in their own time, just as Jesus is honored in ours. In this fascinating installment of history, we journey back through the centuries to discover the stories, legends and the symbolism behind many of these great world teachers. This presentation shares the mysteries of the Egyptian Enki/Ptah, Ra, Osiris, Thoth, the Mayan Quetzalcoatl, the Greek Adonis and Dionysus, the Hebrew Moses and Jesus and the Mesopotamian Shepherd King Tammuz whose pageants were celebrated for thousands of years. We discover how this these great Wisdom Teachers are linked to the Holy Grail, the Cup of Plenty, the 8 pointed Sun Star, the caduceus and pineal staff, the great feathered serpent, and the activation of our human DNA. By uncovering the deeper meanings behind these symbols, we find some of the many keys to our enlightenment.

Class Four: The Phoenix, the Tree and the Son of the Sun

The Phoenix LordsThe symbol of the ever-dying, ever-renewing Phoenix Bird has long been associated with the great Avatars who come to Earth to enlighten mankind. They arrive from the higher worlds to sing their song of beauty and love, and then to perish at the hands of those less enlightened that they are, acting as the Savior Lords who remind us of what is truly possible for each one of us. 

In our fourth installment we focus on the powerful symbols of renewal and rebirth associated with the Phoenix, the Tree of Life, and the changing cycles of the Sun. For in the ancient it was known that the Light of the Creator shone down upon the Earth in three distinct and overlapping ways: as the Sun that gives us warmth, and heat and light; as the Great Central Sun behind the visible world; and as the Soular Son, who returns to Earth to help humanity.

Class Five: The Serpent, the Cross and the Tau at the End of Time

The Tau Cross at the End of TimeFor centuries the symbol of the Serpent was a sign of the wisdom and enlightenment, yet in the last three thousand years the patriarchy changed its meaning, casting the serpent as a symbol of evil. How did this happen? And what are the origins of the Serpent as a symbol of mastery? How has it been linked to the Cross, the Rod of Power, and Staff carried by spiritual teachers like Moses, Hermes, Aesculapius, Adonis, Tammuz and other Solar Lords? How is this symbology all linked to the Tau Cross that signifies the end of the Age, the end of the cycles of time, a period known to the Ancients as the Great Year? This fifth powerful installment illuminates three powerful symbols that have all been hidden in plain sight, warning us of the time we are entering now in world history.


Class Six:  The Age of Aquarius and the Return of the Lords of Light

The Age of AquariusIn the past 70 years human technologies have make a quantum leap forward, ushered in by the Age of Aquarius. This is an age when Earth will begin to openly interact with extraterrestrials, conquer space travel, discover lost civilizations like Atlantis, reclaim the Divine Feminine,  and open to a vast array of our human potential. It is also a time of the Return of the Lords of Light, long associated with the Change of the Ages. In this sixth exciting installment, we take a look at some of these giant leaps forward, what to expect in the years ahead, and the arrival of the Indigo Children who are destined to change the world.


Class Seven:  Galactic Awakening and the Shift of the Ages

The Shift of the AgesWith the Age of Aquarius upon us and the crossing the Galactic Equator predicted by the Mayans, Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, it is imperative to understand the mechanisms behind the Shift of the Ages and how it will impact our world. Today there is evidence of this powerful transformation in the melting of the ice caps, the rising of the seas, the increase in solar flares, the arrival of ETS and the magnetic fluxuations happened to every planet in our solar system. Yet how does this Cosmic Clock work, and what do we need to know to survive this powerful 26,000 year transition into a New Earth? In this last chapter we share with you the hidden secrets behind the great Mystery teachings of the past, and the knowledge of what is coming to our world as we move into the Shift the Ages.




“This course is a marvelous, tour-de-force synthesis of both “myth” and “fact” into a grand, sweeping understanding of big history and divine purpose. It has inspirational as well as factual value. For those philosophers out there, McCannon is what academics with understanding would call–as they called Spinoza–a monistic determinist. The differences is, whereas Spinoza laid the groundwork for modern science by integrating Newtonian physics especially with God and depth psychology, McCannon takes our belief and faith “that somehow things will all work out,” and offers an impressive cosmic framework with all the specifics of HOW AND WHY it will all work out. … It’s not necessary to accept everything she says in order to be blown away by the content of this course. We are often afraid to admit it, but there IS a mechanics to how everything works…. in all likelihood, this is it!! – David Low


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