Questions: Return of the Divine Sophia

Questions: Return of the Divine Sophia

1. What prompted you to write this book?


Return of the Divine Sophia

2. Can you tell us some of the hidden history that you discovered behind the Divine Feminine?


3. What do you believe the impact has been for us as a world, being so out of touch with the Sacred Feminine?


4. What are the patriarchal religions and how have they positively or negatively impacted our world in the last 2000 years?


5. How have these  religions shaped our thinking even in the modern world?


6. Can you explain to us the concepts of Transcendence and Immanence and how they have influenced our thinking?


7. Let’s talk about Mary Magdalene. Who was she really and why is her return important in the world today?’

8. You write about the secret teachings of Jesus. What are some of these teachings and how important are they?


9. Can you speak for a moment about the ancient beliefs in the “gods” and “goddesses” as archetypal energies?


10. What do you think is needed in the world to day to heal the human spirit?


11. How does the return of the Divine Feminine impact us, and how will it change our world for the better?