Article: UFOs in the World Today

Article: UFOs in the World Today

The Evidence for Modern UFO Sightings

All over the world people report the appearance of strange flying craft in the sky, space craft that do not belong to any known governments. These Unknown Flying Objects, or UFOs, as they have come to be called over the past 70 years, appear in many different shapes and sizes, from the 20′ or 30′ scout ships, to the large circular Mother Ships that are photographed over mountains and cities. There are also long cigar shaped craft that appear to be several miles in length, triangular ships that move with amazing speed, small and large silver spheres, classically shaped flying saucers, and perhaps surprisingly, even ships that look like flying pyramids.


These ships appear to move in and out of our atmosphere at tremendous speeds, and are able to alter their direction far beyond the capabilities of our currently known Earth sciences. Often they appear to “wink in and out” of existence, seeming to appear out of nowhere and then vanishing moments later as if they had never been. Some UFO’s are invisible to our human eyes, appearing only later in one or more of our digital photographs or videos. Sometimes they are only detected on radar or thermal imaging devices, while the naked eye cannot perceive them.


Again and again we have discovered that UFOs seem to have the ability to cloak themselves in vapor, mist or even smoke. Sometimes they are completely invisible, having mastered a light bending technology that we are only now just beginning to implement in our own military stealth crafts today. UFOs can even appear as enormous clouds over mountaintops, deserts or cities, taking the form of  lenticular cloud formations… all of which look surprisingly like a huge Mother Ship cloaked in vapor.


While the official party line about UFO and extraterrestrials, has been treated with ridicule by much of the corporation-owned media and even by our own governments, over the last 30 years, as more and more credible witnesses have come forward to testify before Congressional Committees and at Conferences around the world, it has become increasingly harder to dismiss the thousands of photographs, videos, and eye-witness accounts. Some of these accounts come from military men, policemen, ex-NASA officials and military Colonels, scientists, engineers and physicists, pilots, astronomers,  psychologists, theologians, and laypeople alike.

As the evidence mounts for the existence of advanced technology and extra planetary visitation, it is essential that we begin to ask ourselves the deeper questions about who these Visitors are, just why they are here and what possibilities for learning this could open up for our planet.



Where do they come from and why are they visiting our planet at this time?

Have they interacted with humanity in Earth’s ancient past? If so, when? Were they responsible for the seeding or partial seeding of the Earth? Do they mean us harm, or have they come to help us usher in a bright new future? Are all of these groups working together, or are there different agendas? If so, what are they, and how can the Earth benefit from our interactions?

We might also take a look at home and begin asking questions about our own Leaders’ agendas, which may not actually be in our best interest. For example:

How much does our government know about Extraterrestrials? How long have we been interacting with them? Why have our officials been concealing this information for 75 years? What Corporations profit from this Cover Up? What do we gain as a World if we become Citizens of a Galactic Community?



There are many groups who are invested in power on our planet that have been complicit in the UFO Cover Up. These include governments who initially feared for the safety of their people, but who, after decades of denial, no longer know how to break their silence without political repercussions. We also have religious institutions, corporations, and military contractors who all have their own reasons for keeping the existence of a larger galactic community of worlds, a carefully guarded secret.

Just imagine for a moment if the governments of the world were to openly admit the existence of flying saucers and Extraterrestrial Beings, then one of the first questions we would ask is:

“WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?”  This is the beginning of a process of questions that takes us down a Rabbit Hole that they suspect could unravel our entire culture. So any answer that they give us about the home system of the Visitors, whether it is from the Pleiades (400 light years from Earth) to the nearby star of Sirius (some 7.8 light years away), would easily prompt us to ask the next question:

“HOW DID THEY GET HERE?” This means that we would want to know the energy source for their fuel or flight capabilities, since all of these worlds are light years away. And asking this question, suddenly threatens the status quo of the powerfully rich oil companies.

Suddenly we are dealing with the discovery of a new form of non-centralized energy systems that have the power to propel Space Ships for thousands of miles without using any fossil fuels. This means that the people of planet Earth discover that there are  alternatives to using the kind of super-polluting energy systems that we have been using for over 150 years, systems that are causing untold damage to our water, our land, our oceans, and the entire Eco-system. I am speaking now not only of the fossil fuels like oil, gas, coal, etc, all of which will run out in a few decades, but also of the dangerous use of nuclear power plants. Using nuclear power has the potential to completely toxify our environment, as it did with the melt down at Fukishima, Japan.

Discovering a new non-polluting energy source means that we could replace these destructive, outdated systems with something that each community could use. This also means decentralizing the use of power for communities all over this planet, which once again means that these in power are threatened. Not only do them make less, but they are not as much in control of our heat, air conditioning and electricity, and this is another economic threat to them. Such a move might take both money and power away from the centralized corporations. This is, of course, not something that the Power Brokers who run this planet want, so they have long agreed to keep the entire subject of UFOs out of sight and out of mind.

Who else does this knowledge appear to threaten?



Oh…right, religions. Most of our Earth-based religions were originally based on the “divine encounters” that our ancestors had with Visitors from the Stars. While those encounters may have been entirely benign with the aim of uplifting the human race by imparting moral values or uplifting spiritual concepts, they were not from GOD, as we have been led to believe. Those messages came from other sentient life forms, who may have been completely selfless in their motives, although as the centuries passed, their messages have been distorted or misunderstood.

It is also possible that some of those ET encounters may have had a more political agenda, like the stories of Jehovah telling the Hebrews to kill everyone in Canaan. When we observe how much of the world is steeped in the dogma that has formed around the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths for centuries, we can immediately see the problem.

Today some of these religions teach concepts that are not aligned with the original Master who inspired them, although many well intended people within these religions do not realize it. For example:

Did Mohammad tell his follows to “murder the infidels”? I think not.

Did Jesus advocate the suppression of women, the theology of Eternal Hell, or sanction the murders of the Inquisition? He did not. He never taught about Hell, despite the fact that for centuries this theology has been used to frighten and manipulate the masses. Did Abraham teach human beings to kill your neighbor and steal his land? No, this goes against the Ten Commandments, and all  precepts of moral law.

Yet for generations, these are the very doctrines that have been taught to the masses by men who sought social, political and financial control of the world, deliberately sowing fear and destruction in the name of the Creator of All. They are not the words of our great spiritual teachers or the “divine messengers” who have been sent again and again to our planet to help mankind. So immediately we have two very powerful groups of Power Brokers who have an invested interest in keeping information about Visitors from another planet secret.




Our next group is the Military Industrial Complex. While human history is replete with wars and conflicts over the past 5000 years, we have not always had to live this way.

As I speak about in my book RETURN OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA, archaeologists have discovered that no evidence for war or conflict exist prior to about 4000 BC. However, starting about 2100 BC, it appears that as a race, we have completely embraced the idea of maintaining continual wars all over this planet. And to do this, many millions of men and women have been trained to fight. War machines have been built. Engineers and scientists have been put to work. Great financial resources have been invested in protecting our shores, and the entire mindset of the human race has moved from an open, trusting energy, to one of fear, suspicion, greed and defense. Many societies live in the unconscious belief of “Kill or be killed;” “strike first and ask questions later.”

While such an emotional mindset is not healthy for our people or our world, it is understandable how we got here. Not even 100 years ago we were thrown into nearly a century of wars. World World I, II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are some of the ones that we endured here in America. And that does not even begin to address the various other wars that have gone on in the world between England, Ireland and Scotland, Israel and the many countries of the Middle East, or the many wars involved in the break up of the USSR. Yet war is one of the mental and emotional paradigms we are going to have to consider changing, if we are all to survive and thrive on planet Earth.

Today, as we consider all the many human beings, companies, and infrastructure devoted to the craft of warfare, asking them to consider a world where war is no longer necessary to our survival is an enormous leap of faith. These individuals are trained as warriors, sworn to protect their countries. They have great courage, yet they live in fear. So, this is a third group that might strongly fear the disclosure of any ET  information, afraid that it might make them look vulnerable.  They would be interested in acquiring any technology that would give them the edge against any perceived enemies, alien or domestic.

And since most of our society has been conditioned by our movies, media and history to believe that life is all about competition, fighting and struggle, it may take awhile before we change our defense aggressive posture, even with the extended hand of non-aggressive Galactic Visitors.



Alien life is real. And the only thing that makes it alien is that it comes from another planet. While many of these beings are every bit as human as we are, and others are humanoid with many variations, all sentient beings strive for the same things: growth, understanding, love, freedom, exploration, and community. In this, we are no different. Yet many of these societies have gone through the stages of evolution that we have and come out the other side. They are older than we are, and this is one of the reasons they have interstellar travel. It is certainly possible, that aside from their technology, they may have many wonderful gifts to share with us from perspectives on ecology to a shift in our philosophies, allowing us to become more inclusive, more tolerant and more conscious.

While it is clear that there is much that we human beings have done to create an amazing wonderful world, perhaps the time has finally come for us to consider a larger perspective. How wonderful it would be if we decided to join the Galactic Community! What energy advances might we learn that could create a safer, pollution free world?  What means of cleaning up our oceans, our landfills, and our nuclear power plants that could extinguish all life on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years if damaged?

Perhaps its time for a paradigm shift, time to consider embracing a world perspective that is more peaceful, harmonious and balanced than the one we have been married to for so long.

Would it take some time? Of course. Some work on the part of all of us? Absolutely. But it also might mean laying down our fears and Power Dramas, and the incessant addiction we seem to have for power, greed and control. It might mean growing up as a planetary species and learning from civilizations far older than our own. And in the end, it just might mean saving our planet from destruction.


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