Awakening to the Mysteries

Awakening to the Mysteries

Awakening to the Mysteries
of the Divine Mother

LESSON #1 – 131 pages




Mary's Sacred HeartThe ancient Mysteries believed that the study of Nature, or the Divine Feminine, was foundational in understanding our Universe. Thus, the First Level of all great Mystery Schools was introducing the Acolyte to the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

This first Discourse takes the student through the pillars of knowledge to leave the exoteric world behind, and enter the realm of the sacred – the hidden esoteric world that lies behind the obvious one that we see every day around us. 

We learn about the hidden history of the Great Mystery Schools, how they are linked to the Great White Brotherhood or Sisterhoods of the past, how they have expressed through the centuries, and what caused them to go underground.

We also learn about core precepts of these secret Orders, the structure of the Mystery Schools, the tri-fold nature of reality, the power of the Trinity in the brain, the cycles of life, and our spiritual chakra systems.

We discover the power of sacred ceremony and ritual, the ingredients that make it up, how to work with the natural cycles of Nature and how to cast a Circle. We learn how to call in the Seven Directions, set the stage for ritual, and how to invoke the spiritual powers for prayer, healing and manifestation.

We also learn about the Three Buddha Bodies, the Six States of Consciousness that we can learn to deliberately cultivate in moving between the worlds, and the four brainwave states that help to produce our lives.

Complete with several spiritual exercises and processes, in this initial Discourse each aspirant chooses one archetypal aspect of the Goddess to build a relationship with over the course of an entire year. It is this archetype that will act as your spiritual Guide over the next 18 months. And because our Lodge is overseen by some very large spiritual entities, you may also find that you are approached by other spiritual beings of light, including Masters, Angels, and higher benevolent divinities.  At the end of the First Course of study, each  student will become an Initiate of either three or four gods or goddesses before going on at the end of the Second Course of study, to become full-fledged Priests or Priestesses.



Table of Contents

  • Mary and Child in vesica piscisInitiation into the Mysteries
  • The Journey Begins
  • A Brief History of the Mystery Schools Legacy
  • Wheel of the World’s Spiritual Traditions
  • The 12 Inner Societies Wheel
  • History and Overview of the Schools
  • Precepts Taught by the Great Mystery Schools
  • Journey into the Mysteries
  • The Role of a Priest or a Priestess
  • The Structure of the Mystery Schools
  • The Tri-Fold Foundation of the Mystery Schools
  • The Trinity
  • The Triune Nature of the Goddess
  • The Great Circle of Life
  • The Druid Trinity
  • Five Exercises
  • Three Parts of the Human Brain
  • Three Cycles of Life & Twelve Stages within the Circle
  • The Three Buddha Bodies
  • Six States of Consciousness
  • The Sacred Marriage
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Working with the Shadow
  • The 7 and 12 Chakras and Three Aspects of Man
  • Achieving Altered States
  • Energy Patterns After Initiation
  • Spiritual Exercise: The Power of the Breath
  • ARTICLE: The Power of Archetype



Throughout time Priests and Priestesses, or true Initiates, have taken many roles within their community. Each person is drawn to express his or her own connection with the Eternal in a unique way.

Some are scholars, others healers, astrologers, craftsmen, or dreamers. The ancient world has shown us how priests and priestesses often held high administrative posts in government, such as Egypt, or blended a married life with their duties in the temples, as in Athens and Babylon. For some, the calling is family life, for others career, which will provide the forum for their operation in the world. Each is free to write their own unique agenda and share their experiences to help others build up a greater awareness.

One of the Priestess’s most important qualities however is merely her loving and aware “presence” rather than direct overt action, a lesson that is harder for Western women to learn than for Eastern ones. Women have within them a power that is strong, even when it is still. And by learning to invoke it they bring the power of “presence” (or being present) to everyone around them.



Let us look now at some of the types of service that an emerging Priestess or Priest may find herself drawn to according to his or her temperament and natural talents.


White Goddess1. Life Passages Priests or Priestesses: These need not have the gifts of prophecy or education, but act as time keepers to honor the inescapable laws of the universe. Their role is to help others to connect with these measurements of celebration with events like birth, engagement, marriage, divorce, the passing of a loved one, the buying of a house, the starting of a new business, or any other event of major importance, marking and honoring the significance of internal and external life changes.


2.Holy Day Priests or Priestesses: The main cycle of the submerged but ancient tradition teaches an honoring of the celestial clock each year with holidays, ceremonies and festivals. This means taking actions that maintain communications with the fundamental frequencies of the universe. These intervals are marked day in and day out, year in and year out, and such a priest or priestess forms the backbone of every temple’s life. The year becomes divided into eight equidistant holidays, alternating every six months between light and dark, death and life at the turning points of the equinoxes when the sun changes direction across the equator. This “cross axis” of the four cardinal points marks not only the two times of equal balance, but the two extremes of the sun. Diagonal to this cross is another one, marking the time of joyful union with the festivals of Spring (the coming of new life with the planting of the seeds) and the Fall (harvesting and reaping the fruits of autumn). Her role model is Demeter’s, the Mother who Measures all things within herself. The job of this priest or priestess is to help people over these four borderlines in a way that opens up their place in the whole cycle. She or he constantly strives to bring about the union between Heaven and Earth, which includes the Underworld as a halfway house towards Heaven.


3. Sibyls, Channels, Dreamers and Prophets: Another form of Hierogamos or sacred marriage, was the internal reception of divine messages by prophets in a trance state, thus channeling principle into substance, the real subject matter of religion. These priests or priestesses are directly connected with the inner realms via their subconscious and higher conscious minds. Their dreams are often beyond the realm of merely “personal dreams,” dreaming more universally for the collective. They are natural mediums, psychics, channelers, and bringers of information from the inner realms that has not yet arrived into the outer world of conscious form yet. They chart the realms of the great galactic Mind and bring back knowledge of events in motion, so that these events can either be changed or the community has time to prepare for them.


Great Mother with the Earth4. Earth-Moon Wisdom Priests or Priestesses: There is much work here in protecting life and guarding the world of animals, and the plant kingdom and the purity of their messages for humankind; a knowledge of plants, essential oils, herbs, medicines, and healing is an enormous part of this path. Some Lunar Medicine People have the ability to empathically and telepathically communicate with animals, to summon them for help, for food, protection or for information.


5. Elemental Priests or Priestesses: This path of wisdom is one who is drawn to all parts of the natural world, one who has a connection with the elements themselves, arousing the wind or rains to help the crops, sensing Earth changes before they happen, sealing up breaches in the earth, sealing ozone levels in the sky. Others have the ability to create and activate tinctures that are charged during new and full moons, especially during specific astrological alignments. Elemental priests/priestesses also have natural alignments with all the natural elements including gemstones, crystals, natural herbs, massage, and water or fire therapies.


6. Star-Sky Priestesses:These celestially inspired star gazers are often astronomers or astrologers who are drawn to a knowledge of the Star Elders and the higher dimensional levels. These priestesses may feel connections to the extraterrestrial lineages of our past or even our future. They may also be drawn into particular resonance with certain stars, learning to move into communion with them. This is an ancient practice from both Egypt and Atlantis, the art of Ash-te-longa, or becoming one with a celestial star and receiving knowledge from it. This art came to us from other worlds…




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