CD: The ET Origins of Life

CD: The ET Origins of Life

The Extraterrestrial  Origins Life on Earth
 2 disc set – $30


What are the origins of human life on planet Earth? How did we get here and is it possible that our race, and our planet have been influenced by outside forces – by beings from another world who visited Earth long ago?  This fascinating journey into mankind’s historic, but little known past, opens a window on the deeper discussion for extraterrestrial involvement with the human race.

What is the archaeological evidence for such a claim? What are the physical artifacts that mainstream science has attempted to sweep under the rug? What does the anthropological evidence reveal about the ideas of Evolution versus “Intelligent Design?” Is it possible that the Intelligent Design theories are actually stories of large, long lived, luminous beings who did interfere with the evolution of the human species long ago, shaping us into what we now call Homo Sapien Sapiens?

These fascinating questions will be answered in this exciting, evidence-based presentation. Come, join us, as we travel into the past to discover the Extraterrestrial Origins of Life on Planet Earth.