DVD: The Goddess & the Cycles of Time

DVD: The Goddess & the Cycles of Time

The Goddess and the Cycles of Time
2 HR. 1 disc DVD – $20

The Goddess & the Cycles of TimeAll across the world people used to keep time with the natural cycles of the seasons. This movements of the Sun, Moon, Earth and Cosmos told them when to plant seeds, when to harvest crops, when to celebrate, and when to open to the celestial Star Gates of the Heavens.

In this beautiful two hour DVD we begin to look at how the Earth has long been affected by these celestial bodies, and how the knowledge of these cosmic cycles is linked to human evolution. This gorgeous presentation explores how these natural cycles have long been connected to the wisdom of the Divine Mother in all of Her embodiments: as the Maiden, the Mother and the Sage.

Join us in this powerful journey to remember once more what we have forgotten so that we con come into a natural rhythm with ourselves and the Cosmos.