Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Conferences

candleflame verticalEvery year Tricia speaks live at various Conferences, Expos and Events around the globe, as well as teaching Webinars and Seminars On Line.

For many years she was on the road six months of each year speaking at these events in America and Europe. However these days she has been busy creating amazing On-Line Courses for a number of On-Line Universities and Academies through Webinars and Telesummits.

Some of the Many Expos and Conferences she has Spoken at as a Key Note Include:


The Whole Life Expos in Cities across America
The New Life Expo in New York
The Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles
The Conscious Living Expo in San Francisco
The Universal Life Expo in Columbus Ohio
The Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit
The Eureka Springs UFO Conference
The Awakened Spirit Expo
The Portal to Ascension Conference in California
The Mount Shasta Conferences in California
Ken Wilbur’s Heart of the Christ Consciousness Conference in Colorado
The Mind Body Spirit Expos in London and Manchester England
The 2012 Summit in Chichen Itza, Mexico
The Edgar Cayce Center in New York City
The Theosophical Society
Unity Church in cities across America

Contact in the Desert in California
The Roswell 50th Anniversary UFO Conference in New Mexico
The Crop Circle Conference in the UK
The Mutual UFO Network Conferences in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta & San Diego


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