About the Founder

About the Founder

“The spiritual journey does not consist of arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have, or becomes what he is not.  It consists in the dissipation of one’s own ignorance concerning oneself and life, and the gradual growth of that understanding which begins the spiritual awakening.” — Aldous Huxley

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Tricia McCannon is a renowned clairvoyant, historian, symbologist and American teacher trained in many ancient streams of knowledge. She has been a Keynote speaker for over 20 years, and is the author of four books, 13 On-Line Mystery School books or classes, 30 DVDs and several On-Line Video Courses for two On-Line Universities.


Dialogues with the Angels
Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years
and Ancient Mystery Religions

Return of the Divine Sophia:
Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom
Teachings of  Jesus, Isis and Mary Magdalene

The Angelic Origins and Destiny of the Soul: Discovering Your Divine Purpose


Tricia has appeared on over 200 radio and TV shows worldwide, including Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, and Strange Universe, and a number of international documentaries.  She is also is the Founder of the Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School  in Atlanta, and is a Reverend in the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers, and a Bishop in the Madonna Ministries. As both a Keynote Speaker and workshop leader as a Keynote speaker, she has led thousands of people in workshops around the world. Her visually stunning workshops create a powerful synthesis of grounded and mystical wisdom.


Raised in a traditional Christian family in the deep South, her clairvoyant gifts emerged at an early age, allowing her to discourse with Angels, Masters, and other profound Spiritual Beings from the time she was a child. Then, at the age of nineteen, she was approached by the Vairagi Masters of the Far East, and initiated into the ancient science of Soul Travel. This is the ability to shift our more limited human awareness into the higher dimensions of God consciousness.


Then again, at the age of 26, while running a full time photography business, she was approached by the Priestesses of Isis to be trained in the ancient Mysteries of Egypt. These enlightening experiences propelled her into a lifelong search for truth as she sought to reconcile the various paths of history, science, spirituality and ancient knowledge with one another. This wisdom is the backbone of all deeper esoteric knowledge found within the Western Mystery Traditions, including the Kabbalists, the Essenes, the Jewish, Greek and the true Christian Mysteries that Jesus  taught.

Ms. McCannon went on to be initiated into the Celtic Druidic traditions, and a branch of the Native American shamans called the Twisted Hair Society. She is also embraces the legacy of the Divine Mother or  Goddess teachings  found scattered throughout the world in many cultures.

Today she teaches a universal approach to spirituality is that is both grounded and experiential, and practices an integrated approach between mystical Christianity, the wisdom of the Masters, and Earth centered traditions found in many Native American paths. She has traveled to over fifteen countries, spoken in many of these countries, and is a scholar of history, science, religion and philosophy in her search to find answers to some of the greatest Mysteries of the Ages. For the past two decades, she has given Soul Matrix readings for over 6000 people around the world in her continuing commitment to inner awakening, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening and world unity.


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