DVD: The Lost Years of Jesus II

DVD: The Lost Years of Jesus II

The Lost Years of Jesus II
3 HR. 2 disc DVD – $30

Join us as we pick up the saga of Jesus’ lost years, journeying with him through Persia, the Cave of Bokhara, and the Star Mysteries of the Ancients. Learn the many similarities between the symbols of Jesus and those of Mithra, an earlier “Son of God” who was born in a cave on December 25th, practiced the Eucharist rites, had 12 disciples, and used the cross and the dove as two of his greatest initiatic symbols.

Next, journey with Jesus into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt and the amazing Mysteries the Great White Brotherhood. Discover the golden city of Heliopolis, the powerful City of the Sun. This spiritual center had long been known as Anu ( On in the Old Testament), and represented the power of the Tree of Life, or the pillars to Heaven.

Discover the hidden centers of the earth’s chakras that ran up and down the Nile, linked not only to the roadmap of the heavenly constellations, but to the flow of energy that resides within our own human bodies. Discover why the 13,000 priest/priestess/astronomers who taught in Heliopolis were considered the master teachers for the entire temple system of all of Egypt.

Find out about the seven subtle energy bodies taught by other world theologies, and the additional energy systems taught to Jesus in Egypt. The mastery of this knowledge allowed Jesus to accomplish his many miracles of healing, commanding the elements, and finally the amazing act of physical and spiritual resurrection.

This riveting presentation is the second of a two-part Series on “The Lost Years of Jesus.” It is part of a four-part Series that address Jesus as the celestial archetype of the Adam Kadmon, all the way to the hidden wisdom of his vanquished teachings.