DVD: Atlantis the Lost Civilization

DVD: Atlantis the Lost Civilization

Atlantis:  Refinding the Lost Civilization
2 HOUR DVD – 1 disc – $20


For over 10,000 years legends have persisted of a great fabled land, a civilization said to rival our own – the powerful continent of Atlantis. This visually stunning, well-researched presentation takes a serious look at the legends, history, geology, and archaeology behind these legends. We begin with the writings of Plato, inspired by the work of his teacher Socrates, who while in his many years of study in Egypt, was shown records by his teacher Solon, chronicling Atlantis’ long history, until it’s sinking some 11,000 years ago.

During our quest we discuss the topography, the culture, and the predispositions of Atlantis’ long and complex history, how it rose as a superpower in the world, how it developed its arts and sciences, and how their scientific acumen outstripped their spiritual maturity, and how it perished in a matter of only a few days. In addition we examine the writings of legendary psychics Edgar Cayce, and take a journey with a modern day time traveler whose 22 astonishing paintings depict in vivid detail the art, temples, museums, and history of an age now hidden in the mist of human history.

Archaeologically we delve into the modern day discoveries of five sunken cities, recently discovered through underwater sonar, whose presence echoes through the centuries, shouting of long lost civilizations that rival our own. These discoveries in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean worlds reveal a far larger canvas for the true history of humankind. This beautiful and grounded look is a window into mankind’s past and a reminder of how the past repeats itself, unless we are willing to learn.

2 Hrs. – One disc – $20