DVD: Jesus & the Great White Brotherhood

DVD: Jesus & the Great White Brotherhood

Jesus & the Brotherhood of Light 
2 Hour DVD – $20

This profoundly inspiring presentation is the perfect introduction to the secret life of Jeshua ben Joseph, better known to us as the Master Jesus, and his many years of training in the great spiritual Mysteries. Quickly chronicling what is commonly known about his life from gospel accounts, we realize that we only know about his birth, temple visit at age twelve, and then the start of his ministry many years later. More than 30 years of his life is missing. This opens the door to begin to explore the Great White Brotherhood hypothesis, a theory, that when revealed, suddenly brings many of the confusing Mysteries of early Christianity to light.

Today most of us have little or no knowledge that for thousands of years before Jesus was born, there had long been a network of powerful spiritual initiates in the world. These dedicated sages had long preserved the spiritual technologies earned by mankind in earlier stages of civilization, and passed them down to worthy candidates in a systematized course of study within the confines of the great Mystery Schools. These initiates were the ancient priests and priestess of many great paths, and for centuries they screened their students carefully before admitting them to the inner realms of knowledge. They understood that when scientific knowledge outstrips spiritual maturity, as it has done in our age, imbalance usually occurs. And when this imbalance goes unchecked long enough, as it has in the world that we inhabit, it can result in vast devastation for the world.

Thus we begin our journey into a discovery of just who and what the Great White Brotherhood was, what it taught, and how it is profoundly linked with the life, mission, and teachings of the great Master Jesus. This wonderful, uplifting presentation is a perfect introduction into the structure of the Mysteries and how it is reflected in his work.