DVD: The Sacred Marriage

DVD: The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage
2 HR. 1 disc DVD – $20

The Mysteries of the Sacred Marriage, or the divine Hierogamos lies at the heart of the greatest teachings of wisdom in the ancient world. Yet it is also the most elusive, mysterious and hidden of all the ancient rites. The desire for this Sacred Marriage is at the heart of every love story, every adventure tale, and every swept away romance told by story tellers, poets and playwrights throughout the centuries.

But what is the Sacred Marriage exactly, and why was it so important within the ancient Mystery traditions that it became one of the five major initiation rites included in the secret teachings of Jesus? Why is it the stuff of endless fairy tales and how does it relate to our spirituality, and to the ancient Schools of Hermetic Wisdom? How can we perceive it in the outer world, and how does it play out within our own psyches?

When did the Hierogamos start? What was it originally? How was it historically linked to the ancient gods and goddesses that seeded our planet? How was it expressed in the outer world, and what does it mean at a more esoteric or spiritual level of evolution and mastery?

Do we need a partner to experience it? And is it possible to become enlightened without it?  If we do have a partner, how do we know if we have found the right one?
Join us as the mysteries of love, romance, and spiritual awakening come to light and the true meaning of the Divine Hierogamos is revealed.