Online Mystery School Classes

Online Mystery School Classes

“Make peace with yourself, and heaven and earth will make peace with you.
Endeavor to enter your own inner cell, and you will see the heavens;
because the one and the other are one and the same,
and when you enter one you see the two.”
– Saint Isaak of Syria


Our mission to remind others of their Soul’s gnosis or inner knowing, and to bring the path of enlightenment a little closer to home. We subscribe to the balance of the path of Love and the path of Wisdom known as the “Middle Way.” This central Path activates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as well as the Inner Sight and was taught by Jesus, Buddha, and the great Egyptian master Thoth.  This is what Jesus meant in the Gospel of Thomas when he said, “When you turn the inner into the outer… the male into the female, the female into the male; when you make the two eyes one, then ye shall see the kingdom of Heaven.”  The ancient sages of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhoods knew that it is only by walking this Ancient Road of balance between the male and female aspects of ourselves that we shall become truly enlightened human beings in our next stage of evolution that I call Homo Luminous.

Because of the importance of this balance, the Phoenix Fire Lodge has THREE LEVELS OF INITIATION, just as the ancient Mystery Schools of old once did. The First Level is dedicated to the discovery of the Divine Feminine and our connection with the worlds of Nature. The Second Level is dedicated to the Divine Masculine, and the wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, yet like the First Level, it too contains a balance between the masculine and feminine polarities of teaching. And the Third Level is about honing this balance and the development of your spiritual gifts at a much higher level. Thus did the ancient Sages of the past teach, and so do we.

This Curriculum is offered in two formats:  First we have a School here in Atlanta where we offer 12 weekend classes over the course of 18 months. New Circles usually start in the Spring or the Fall. After the first weekend, all other weekend dates are decided by the class members and are roughly one month, or 6 weeks apart. These Circles are closed once they have begun, but we do take students for consideration as candidates, so feel free to contact us about getting on the list. If you can travel to Atlanta, then you will benefit greatly by participating in these weekends in person, for there are Mystery Dramas that  cannot be translated with only the written word. These magical weekends take place in both indoor and outdoor environments, where our Circle can connect beneath the stars in a forest or near a lake, or using a Medicine Wheel for ceremony. On colder weekends we are inside a medicine lodge or workshop center.



Our second format is our On-Line Program that at this time is only offered for Level One. This consist of 12 On-Line Programs that are sent as PDF files to your email, as well as the INTRODUCTION TO THE MYSTERIES, which is a short 65 page document that you can download for free. Each of these 12 Programs is between 100 and 180 pages, averaging around 150. While the INTRODUCTION TO THE MYSTERIES can be shared with anyone you wish, these 12 Programs are for your study alone since we charge for them. A husband and wife, or couple living under the same roof can study them together for only one charge, but we ask you to honor our policy of keeping them to yourself since they took many years to produce.

These 12 Programs include an enormous amount of information, history, processes, alchemical knowledge, exercises and meditations. They can be printed off and studied in a 3-ring binder, or studied On-Line. To find out more about each of these 12 Programs, just Click on the links below.  Each link will take you to a specific page detailing that Discourse. We have included a short Overview, Table of Contents, and Excerpt from each Discourse, with a Button below for ordering it.

We would also like to recommend that you consider some of the many wonderful DVD’s that go along with many of the weekends. These are videos that will greatly enhance your understanding. For example under HUMAN EVOLUTION & THE CELESTIAL CYCLES OF TIME there are two DVD’s that are appropriate: THE GODDESS AND THE CYCLES OF TIME and THE AGE OF AQUARIUS. Most DVD’s run about two hours and are $20 each.

The On-Line Classes are $111 if purchased separately; but $88 each if three or more are purchased at the same time, so three entire courses are $264 total. The in person classes are $250 for each weekend, so the On-Line version is a great value. Each of these 12 are downloadable as PDF files.



The First Level of the Mysteries introduces you to the power and history of the spiritual legacies of our past, the teachings of the Great White Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods, and the Mysteries of the Goddess.  We learn about the Directions of Space and Time, the Power of Ceremony, Calling the Directions, Casting the Circle, setting your Altar, and the Wisdom of the many Sacred Hoops. These hoops include the labyrinth, the Flower of Life, and the extraordinary Wheels of the Native American Twisted Hair traditions that lays out the Kingdoms of the Minerals, Animals, Plants and Humans into Wheels that have been refined and perfected over thousands of years. In Level Two these Wheels also include the 12 Extraterrestrial Star Systems that Seeded our planet long ago.

Over the course of this Program you will begin to keep a Dream Journal, work with hermetic dream symbolism, practice Tree of Life meditations, and begin to activate your abilities as a healer. You will make contact with one or more of the divinities that oversee the School, begin to work with at least one aspect of the Divine Mother, and begin building an inner Temple of communion where you can go in your own meditations.

You will also learn about the nature of the Soul, the Nine Orders of the Angels, the ways in which we fall into forgetfulness, and keep ourselves from coming into our true spiritual power. You will discover the 33 gifts of awakening, the power of Soul Travel, the journey of the Hero and the Path of the Return. You will also learn about the Native American Twisted Hair Wheels and discover gemstone therapy, aromatherapy, how to work with herbs, crystals, plants and oils in your healing practice. You will discover the four kinds of Telepathy, learn how to work with the Colored Rays for healing at a distance or in person, and being to connect with the great Chohans or Masters that oversee these rivers of light. You will also learn about specific approaches to psychic Self Defense and how to repel the realms of lower Astral Spirits and demonics.

At the end of the First Level, which in the ancient world were called the Lesser Mysteries,a student may chose their first pantheon of three or four divinities. These are inter-dimensional Teachers who will have come in over the course of your study to begin to actively work with you on the Inner Planes. Since our School is overseen by many divine beings, including Jesus, Mary, Isis, Horus, Thoth, Osiris, Anubis, the great Variagi Masters, and Masters of the Melchizedek Order and the Great White Brotherhood, if you are ready you will have several higher level beings who will be following your progress and will make themselves visible to you as your study progresses.  At the end of this First Level, you will be able to place one of these beings at each of the Four Directions of your personal Medicine Wheel. And you will graduate as a First Level Priest or a Priestess. You may then choose to come to Atlanta to be ordained if you wish.




To Order Any of These 12 Extraordinary Classes, Just Click on the Links Above
Each Class has its own Page with a Table of Contents and Short Introduction 

Classes Can be Ordered Separately for $99 each or in a Group of Three at a time for a $75 Discount!



LEVEL TWO focuses on the wisdom of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, for these are the foundation for all of the Western Mysteries. Within the ancient world there were two primary streams of Enlightenment available to mankind… two Motherlands of wisdom. These were the Eastern traditions that we see in the paths of Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism and so forth, and the Mysteries of ancient Egypt. Each of these approaches was overseen by the Masters of the Fellowship of Light whose inner Headquarters was in the Himalayas, while the more accessible Schools were in Egypt.

Egyptian wisdom contains some of the power profound revelations of the Cosmos that has ever existed on this planet, for these Schools were set up by Thoth, the god of Wisdom, and by  Isis, the Mother of Healing, and by Horus, the Lord of Healing and Illumination. They were continued in the Old Kingdom by the priests of Horus known as the Shemshu Hor, or “those who walk the path of Horus” or truth.

Thus the Second Level of the PHOENIX FIRE LODGE is dedicated entirely to 12 specific deities. Each of them represent fundamental aspects of the Cosmos or the Divine Mind of God. Each weekend is thus dedicated to one particular divinity, allowing us to understand the Path of Mastery that lies within ourselves more fully. At the end of the Second Level you are then qualified to become a Shemshu Hor or initiated Priest of the Way of Truth. As with the First Level initiations, you are then allowed to add  four more divinities to your personal wheel.



These Divine Aspects of the Cosmos Include:

  • Thoth: The Initiate’s Journey
  • Isis: Love, Compassion and Wisdom
  • Hathor: Healing of Self and Others
  • Sekhmet: Reclaiming Your Power
  • Hekba/Hecate: Energetic Laws of Magic
  • Anubis: Overcoming Fear
  • Nephthys: Working with the Shadow
  • Horus: Truth
  • Osiris: Remembering Who You Are – Rebirth
  • Bast: Joy, Creativity, Song and Dance
  • Nuit: The Galactic Core
  • Amon/Ra: The Unknowable Mystery and the Sun of God



The third tier of Initiation is the Order of the Phoenix, a mythical bird who comes from the higher world to share its light and song, burst into radiant flames and die, only to be reborn. This is of course a metaphor for the path of every true Initiate who walks a path of service and enlightenment for all of mankind. The Phoenix is the true Christ that lives as a potential within each and everyone of us. It is the symbol of the Immortal One who has realized their own divine connection with Source and who lives a life of illumination. The death process of the Phoenix is one that all must go through in their quest for wholeness. It is not the death of the physical body, but the death of the “little self” or the Ego that must occur in order for the true Self, or Soul, to be reborn. This is the deeper meaning of terms like “born again,” “resurrection,” and understanding that the real Kingdom of Heaven lies within each one of us.

So the focus of this third tier of Initiation is the learning to drink deeply from the power of  stillness, the Cosmic Sound Current, and working with the development of the spiritual powers of Siddhis known to the ancient sages. This requires a level of dedication with at least one hour of meditation and breath work each day.

The format for this level is Nine Weekends over the course of a year and the development of the pineal gland, advanced healing abilities and a One-Week retreat in a sacred location.