Excerpt: The Angelic Origins of the Soul

Excerpt: The Angelic Origins of the Soul

An Excerpt From

Discovering Your Divine Purpose

 “The highest revelation is that God is in every man.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


         Angelic Origins Book Cover   So let us talk now about our own angelic origins, the development of our subtle energy bodies, and how we become layered as we descend through the dimensions. While most of us have been taught that humans and Angels are very different species, in the thirty years that I have been tracing the Soul histories of those I have read for, this is not what I have found. Instead, what I discovered is that each of us originates in one of the Nine Orders of the Angels, the subject of Chapter Fifteen. But to begin with, let’s take a look at the nature of the Angels themselves and how we first came to understand this cosmology.

The belief in the existence of Angels has been embraced by many cultures around the world. It was held by the Greeks, Persians, Hebrews, Hindus, and Buddhists. Angelic beings are found in Native American culture, as well as Christian and Islamic theologies.  The word itself is derived from the Greek word angelos and the Hebrew term mal’akh, meaning messenger.[1] Yet these higher vibrating beings have been referred to as devas, suras, archangels, daimones, orishas, and devs. The word Deva comes from div, meaning “to shine” – perhaps a reference to the brilliant light of their auras or energetic appearance. This brilliant light is seen by many, even when they choose to cloak themselves temporarily in human form.

Vedic scholar Jeanine Miller writes: “Devas are the luminous energy principles behind all phenomena, whether of Nature or of the Cosmos, hence they can be thought of in terms of the regents of the universe, the custodians of the One law, the Cosmic Order which they establish throughout manifestation.”

Angelic LoveLike all higher beings of light, Angels express the harmony of Cosmic Law and the pattern of Divine Order and Oneness that is eternal in the heavens. Their job is to establish this Cosmic Order in both the higher realms and also in the worlds of space and time.  The Rig-Veda, a term meaning eternal wisdom or gnosis, teaches that their essential nature is “Law-abiding, born in law, sublime fosterers of law, [and] haters of falsehood.” They are the “herdsmen of the Supreme Law, whose decrees are truth.” Thus it is the task of the Angels to fashion the blueprint of the Logos into all of the worlds below. Professor Miller writes:

“The devas’ solidarity, their essential righteousness, their concerted activity are their peculiar characteristics that eminently mark them as the agents of the One Law by which, through which, and in which, they live and move and perform their varied tasks. The Rishis and ancient sages, conceived of an impersonal eternal Law to which all, even the most exalted of beings are subservient. That Cosmic Order is the “song” of the cosmos. So the devas revel in the sacred song of the Cosmic Order.” 

Because Angels are linked to the melody of the Word or celestial Sound Current, Vedic sages believe that they can be summoned with the use of certain songs or prayers or mantras. Thus many spiritual paths have employed the use of holy hymns, sacred chants, music poems and prayers, which they believe create a “flashing song” of brilliant light that draws them into our realm, especially when these prayers are combined with a pure heart. This is how the great sages attuned themselves in chants and song to the Celestial Hosts, using the illuminating power of the Word to milk the nectar of Heaven.


An Overview of Angelology

            Today there seems to be a great confusion about whether the Angels that we read about in the Bible were really etheric spiritual beings, or the  physical “messengers of the gods.” the ETs who were visiting our planet. So, let me take a moment to address these concerns. The gods that we are speaking of now are the long lived extraterrestrial visitors known as the Anunnaki or Anakim. Their visitation to our planet has been largely been hidden from the public for the last 2000 years, yet their arrival on our world and their interactions with us are recorded in the annals of history, myth, and legend, and over the past few decades much of the grounded historical information about these beings has surfaced.

Anunnaki god with wingsThese tall, long-lived World Civilizers came to colonize our planet many thousands of years before our human history began, and because their countenance is far more radiant than ours, they were known as “the Shining Ones.” It is also clear that these long-lived human cosmonauts had the capacity to fly, and many of their aerial vehicles looked quite similar to those of modern day UFO accounts. These spaceships are depicted in paintings, tapestries and murals across the world. Accounts of these “gods” can also be found in Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Native American, Chinese, Australian, Mayan, Incan, and Celtic cultures.

In the last two centuries archaeology has unearthed thousands of clay tablets written in cuneiform from the ancient lands of Sumeria, Chaldea, Assyria and Persia, all documenting interaction with the Anunnaki. While these discoveries have the power to rock the very foundations of traditional religious theology, their existence should not be swept under the rug.

While this is not the focus of this particular book, it is relevant because the gods are linked to what are commonly known as Angels in the Old Testament. These are the great winged beings who were commissioned by the Anunnaki to act as messengers between the gods and men, blurring the line between beings who originated from one of the other Lokas or planets in our physical world, and the higher beings of light who source from the spiritual worlds.

Human man with wingsAfter nearly thirty years of research, I believe that both of these groups of beings exist. The first was a group of luminous physical beings sent by the Anunnaki gods to deliver messages to mankind – messages that were often moral or inspiring, but also assisted with the implementation of law and the infrastructure of civilization, once the gods began to withdraw from human interaction.

The second is a group of spiritual beings who were sent by the spiritual hierarchies from the fourth and fifth dimensions. Their only interest in humanity is the preservation of knowledge and the uplifting of human beings for the purpose of accelerating our spiritual evolution. While these spiritual beings are certainly capable of manifesting a human form when it is needed, they are essentially not physical beings for they exists in the higher dimensions. Nor are these kinds of spiritual messengers subject to the human and sexual passions of a physical or emotional body, unlike the very human, but advanced Anunnaki gods and goddesses.

So the whole concept of Angels is a difficult one for most people to truly comprehend because we are essentially speaking of two different, but important, kinds of beings, both of whom have been active in our world.


Making Sense of the Stories

Archangel Michael stained glassAs a mystic and a historian who has had interaction with both of these groups since I was a child, it is easy to get the two groups mixed up. The focus of this book, however, is on the higher angelic beings of light who function as selfless expressions of spiritual law. It is the job of these Angels, devas, and spiritual teachers to oversee the evolution of planets like this one, and to act as guardians for humanity as we awaken over vast periods of time. These angelic beings honor the Free Will of human beings, and do all things in accordance with divine will.

However because of this confusion, the development of Angelology is a mish-mash of different sources reported by those who have had encounters with both groups. These accounts go back to the time of Enoch many thousands of years ago. Some of these encounters even made their way into Rabbinical sources like the Zohar, the Old Testament, the Koran, and the Vedas, each a holy book that lies at the heart of our various religions. This makes it even harder to sort out the a mystical encounters with beings from the higher realms from our encounters with sophisticated space beings. Author and researcher Malcolm Godwin, writes of this confusion in the development of Angelology:

“The evolution of the idea of a unique angelic species can be viewed from countless angles. Historically speaking, for instance, they are clearly the hybrid result of an extraordinary Hebrew program of cross breeding original Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Persian supernatural beings. This genetic interaction of ideas produced the outward appearance of the winged messengers of God which we know of today. By the 1st century after Christ, this essentially Jewish creation was adopted, almost wholesale, by the new religion, and six centuries later by the Muslims. Since then, that fundamental angelic form has undergone no radical alterations.”





 Religious Writings

Angel appears to MaryIn his book, Angels: An Endangered Species, Godwin tries to untangled the mystery of Angels from historic, scientific and philosophic perspectives, but unless one has had a direct encounter with these beings, this is difficult to do. Throughout history, many people like myself have had these kinds of direct transmissions from beings who dwell in the higher realms, and received direct gnosis as a result. Some of them have sought to convey the things they have learned to others, and were heralded as saints, prophets, oracles, or madmen, depending on the century.

Certainly hundreds of Rishis, yogis, mystics, rabbis, priests and spiritual initiates have also had their own transcendental experiences with the non-physical realms, and received great wisdom as a result. The Indian Rishis, for example, whose Spiritual Sight was hereditary, would enter into communion with the devas, and find that they could approach the “thousand branched Tree of Life,” to apprehend the functions of the great powers who are at work in the cosmos.


Devic Spirits

Some of these groups, like the Essenes, sought to consciously establish contact with these spiritual hierarchies so as to accelerate their own spiritual enlightenment. In The Essene Gospels of Peace, for example, a little-known group of writings hidden in the Vatican and only made public in the 20th Century through the scholarship of a priestly candidate named Edmond Szekely, we learn that Jesus taught his followers about establishing communion with fourteen different individual Angels.

Angel of the SunThese are clearly Angels of the spiritual kind, since each Angels he mentions works with the elemental forces of nature. Jesus taught his followers how to energetically connect with the Angels of the Sun, the Earth, the Waters, the Air and the Angel of Mother Earth. These are the over lighting devic presences that work within the realms of nature to help sustain the Worlds of Form.

Here is a small excerpt from one of those prayers. “Angel of the Sun! There is no warmth without thee, No fire without thee, No life without thee… Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother, Enter the holy temple within me and give me the Fire of Life!”

So we can see that Jesus knew about, and worked with the spiritual beings who oversee the Kingdoms of Nature, but are these beings different from the Angels in the Old Testament? As confusing as Angelology is for both historians and Ufologists, for those with Inner Sight, there is no question that such spiritual beings exist.

The list of those who have had encounters with them is long, and includes people like Emanuel Swedenborg, Hildegarde van Bingen, Joan of Arc, Socrates, Carl Jung, Padre Pio, George Washington, and Dorothy MacLean, co-founder of the Find-horn community in Scotland. All of these illustrious historical figures have interacted with these same kinds of subtle energy beings.

This list of people also includes Joseph Smith, Saint Francis of Assisi, who received the stigmata from a flaming Seraphim, and Mohamed, founder of the Moslem religion, who claimed that he was visited by the Archangel Gabriel. So powerful was this encounter that The Qur’an has made the existence of Angels one of its six articles of faith.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that such seminal encounters can completely transform a person’s life, yet they take place at a subtle energy level that is beyond and behind the physical world.  Madame Blavatsky, the famous Theosophist of the 19th century, writes about these angelic beings in her book, The Secret Doctrine.

“The Hermetic philosophers called Theoi, gods, Genii and Daimones (in the original texts), and by other names. The Daimones are – in the Socratic sense, and even in the Oriental and Latin theological sense – the guardian spirits of the human race; those who dwell in the neighborhood of the immortals, and thence watch over human affairs.”

 Barbara Y. Martin, a lifelong clairvoyant, writes about her encounters in Communing with the Divine.

“Countless sages and mystics have claimed direct contact with these Holy Ones… They work to uplift humanity and form the evolutionary link connecting us to God. These exalted beings work on different levels of unfoldment, which is why it’s called a hierarchy, yet all work in perfect harmony with one another. Together they form the evolutionary chain that links all life from the simplest amoeba to the most radiant archangel… God works through these wonderful beings, guiding and steering the entire process of evolution.”


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