Healings & Clearings

Healings & Clearings


“As a child, you are brought up in a world of discipline, of obedience, and you are dependent on others.
All this has to be transcended when you come to maturity, so that you can live in dependency
but with self-responsible authority.”
– Joseph Campbell

healing hand with swirlWhile each of us are aspects of the Divine, traveling in the worlds of form, many times we become wounded through the events of our life. This wounding can take place at a physical, emotional, or even a mental level, causing us to take on wounds to our psyche, and unless these wounds are cleared, they follow us from lifetime to lifetime.

These wounds can take many forms, some that our Conscious Mind can see and identify, and some that we can’t because they are lodged so deep in the past and in the Subconscious, that we can only feel the result, not the originating cause. These traumas show up as blocks in the flow of our daily life, blocks to our money, our relationships, our ability to show up in the world and fulfill our purpose, and in difficult moments of challenge.


grl with thought bubblesPerhaps we feel frozen in fear; dealing with insecurity; afraid to step into our life’s mission; angry at authority, or compliant, even when we don’t want to be.

Perhaps we find that our love life never seems to work out. Or we are betrayed by friends, family or work mates. Perhaps we are stuck around money, success, clarity or reclaiming our power in a situation.

All of these are merely symptoms of a deeper underlying cause that is operating at the level of the Subconscious Mind. These blocks are not random. They are based on something very real, and that is usually part of our past experiences, whether as a child,  an adult, or even further back in our own Past Lives. Until cleared, these traumas, fears, beliefs and phobias will stay with us until we can identify them and clear them.


heart in firey lightThis process of clearing out old energies that are limiting us often include identifying Core Beliefs that do not serve us. We may have formed these beliefs in a time of great trauma, or with limited information, believing for example that we were not loved, we were less than, we were left behind, we were betrayed, or we are unworthy.

In the process of this experience we either lost a portion of our LOVE or a portion of our POWER. My work is about getting both of these aspects of who you are, healed and then reintegrated into your energy field, so that you can have the life that you most desire.



While Erroneous Core Beliefs are of major importance, I have also found other common blocks to moving forward in our lives. This includes discovering and releasing Old Vows that we may have taken in the past, they are keeping us stuck. These Vows can be of a formal nature, like the kind of Vows we take when we get married, make a promise, join a society or organization, or pledge ourselves to a cause. They may include Vows of chastity, poverty or obedience, and while they may have been perfect in the life you once lived, today they no longer serve you.

We may also have Informal Vows. These are times when we experienced heartache or pain and we swore a personal Oath of ourselves:

“I’ll never trust another man (or woman) with my heart!”
“I’ll never let myself be seen (and made into a target)!”
“I’ll never do that again!”
“I’m never going to let someone control me!”

You get the point. Old Vows that no longer serve us really have to go. Otherwise they keep us trapped in an old pattern that we are ready to outgrow.


Two men mental cordsBindings or Cords are energy leaks in our system, often attached to our power centers. They can be there because we were romantically involved with a person, but once we break up or wish to end it, then these Cords should be dissolved or they will drain us and continue to keep us in an emotional loop. Negative Cords can also be there because we have either given our power away to someone of authority – like an abusive boss, a horrible relative, or a person we see in authority. Doing so can not only drain you, but make you feel powerless in this person’s presence.

Not all Cords are negative, and in fact it is perfectly nature for human beings to form Cords between parents and children, or friends and loved ones. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of connections, as long as they are positive and life affirming. But Cords that steal our energy only serve to keep us bound or keep us in a negative repeating pattern, are they are no longer serving us.


man with mental fogCurses are negative thought forms that have such virulence that they have remained in the Astral plane. Thus they can act as grey thunderclouds over your head. These Curses may have been placed upon you directly in this life or another, or you may have inherited them through your ancestral line. Regardless, all Curses can be cleared. But in the meantime they are like having an invisible barrier constantly blocking you.

Curses can be specific to only one part of your life, or they may be broader in scope and affect large chunks of your life. While I have cleared several hundred curses off of some of the 6000 clients I have read for, most people do not have a Curse. I would say that the odds are about 1 in every 5 to 10 people, and sometimes those who have them, have more than one, simply by virtue of the BAD LUCK that a Curse can bring.


Couple agrees in HeavenMany Old Soul Contracts between lovers and friends have no negative impact on our lives. In fact, they may be part of a higher karmic agreement that we have made with these loved ones, to return to Earth and date, marry, or have a business. These positive Soul Contracts we never interfere with for they are there to support you in your life and mission.

However some Soul Contracts are negative in nature. This may be the agreement to interact with someone who has been your abuser in a former life. And while such agreements made in Heaven, may have been designed for the purpose of helping you to stand up for yourself, if you are not able to resolve these issues, you may want to renegotiate your contract.



Joyful standing chakra manUnderstandably, every given Healing/Clearing Session is unique, and tailor-made for each individual’s needs and challenges. I am trained in over seven different healing modalities ranging from Hypnosis to Past Life Regressions, Voice Dialogue to Holographic Repatterning, Timeline Therapy to Soul Retrieval, and thus I am able to clear a large variety of emotional, mental and spiritual issues that reside at the level of the psyche.

To work together in a healing, I must first do a Reading to figure out who you really are, and where (or how) you might have gotten blocked in your life, as well as the underlying causes behind the blockage. To find out more about Readings, please go to those pages.

While Readings can be scheduled over the phone by sending a two or three photographs yourself in an envelope with your name and phone number, address and info, (along with a check or PayPal receipt), Healing Sessions must be done in person. This is because these blocks exist in multiple levels of your subtle bodies, and so they must be cleared at each of these levels.

Clients report that these types of clearing are extremely powerful and life changing for they are able to shift the old negative stuck energy in powerful, but subtle ways, so that anything is now possible. In the process we clear out and open up the various chakras, not only dissolving old engrams and patterns, but allow you to radiant and manifest more joy, success and life.

This kind of life changing Healing Session requires somewhere around 2 1/2 or 3 hours. I charge $300 for the session because I have found that having a set price eliminates the stress from the client if they find that they are taking a longer time to melt away these old obstacles. For more information, feel free to call me and simply chat, or just schedule a reading and then we’ll go from there.

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