Rave Reviews of the Angelic Origins of the Soul

Rave Reviews of the Angelic Origins of the Soul

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The Angelic Origins of the Soul


The Angelic Origins of the Soul“This is a brilliant book! Weaving together the ancient wisdom of all spiritual traditions, as well as her own profound gifts of spiritual insight and clairvoyant vision, the ANGELIC ORIGINS OF THE SOUL takes us into the frontiers of Heaven and Hell, the journey of the Soul in personal transformation, and gives us a real roadmap that touches the very core of our lives. Essential reading for everyone!” – Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Bestselling author of, Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light

“On the frontiers of consciousness Tricia McCannon does it again. She bridges the dimensions between the human soul and the heavenly state of being.  She gives us the landscape of eternity that we are destined to embrace. Beautifully illustrated and divinely inspired, we now have a map for the journey of life to follow the path of the heart, which is our birthright.”  – Alan Steinfeld, founder of New Realities TV & Radio

“Clairvoyant seer, mystic and healer Tricia McCannon gives us a fascinating tour of the mystery traditions, focusing on the angelic orders and humanity’s long and complex history of interactions with these supra-dimensional beings. Drawing on her own insights and experiences as well as the teachings of Western and Eastern mystics, she presents a thoroughly fascinating account of the higher spiritual worlds and the soul’s journeys within, between and beyond these worlds.” – Ralph Metzner, Author of Ecology of Consciousness, The Well of Remembrance.

The Angelic Origins of the Soul reveals the whole structure of the angelic world, and how this links to our Souls to have an impact on our spiritual evolution.  This book is the best possible guide to discovering our Divine Purpose.” – Stuart Wilson, Author of The Essenes: Children of the Light

“In Angelic Origins of the Soul, Tricia McCannon reminds us that we are not just machines made of matter that emerged by chance in an accidental universe. We are eternal sparks of God and we are in a world that offers us the chance to revive our divine consciousness. This is a message the modern world very much needs to hear.” – Michael A. Cremo, Author Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory, Forbidden Archeology

“Tricia contains a vast array of knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the Esoteric Sciences, the Angelics, and a connection to our place in the universe that leads her readers to a place of love, hope, and wonder. Her book The Angelic Origins of the Soul, creates a space for the reader to find answers to some of the most sought-after questions about the nature of existence, the origin of the Soul, and how creation moves through and around us, in ways we’ve never dreamed possible. Her reader not only arrives at the sacred door of life, but now has the keys to unlock the greatest mysteries in existence. A must read for those wisdom seekers seeking enlightenment and connection to the source!” – Robert Perala Author of:  The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap For The New Millennium

Angel of Light“Tricia McCannon’s latest book is simply exquisite! A unique blend of practical psychology, esoteric wisdom, history, spirituality, and easy to use processes that can change your life. I could not put it down. A must read for everyone!” – Colin Tipping, Radical Forgiveness.

 “What a comprehensive exploration, traditional and creative regarding the angelic orders, our souls and incarnations. Whether writing about Plato, Rudolph Steiner or Ben Franklin, McCannon shows how humanity’s perception of the soul’s evolution, mastering qualities such as love and power, happens over many incarnations and planets. The reader will gain a broad understanding for discovering their own Soul themes and life purpose as members of a celestial community on earth.” – Dr.’s Bob and Zohara Hieronimus, Broadcasters and Authors of several books including The Future of Human Experience: Visionary Thinkers on the Science of Consciousness  

 “Tricia McCannon once again proves herself to be a teacher’s teacher with both her intuitive wisdom and scholarly research.  After her last two tomes where she resurrected the lost years of Jesus and exposed the feminine side of our Judaeo-Christian roots, she now opens our eyes to see beyond the veil of our five senses to find the majestic Truth of our Soul’s journey.” – Debbie Unterman, Master Alchemist, Speaker and Author of Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head

 “Tricia McCannon’s ability to distill vast information into a clear understanding is extraordinary. The Angelic Origins of the Soul is a brilliant roadmap for the evolution of humanity. It offers a deep discovery of the order of the universe and how to tame the internal chaos that continues the forgetting. This book will be a powerful companion for seekers on a path of remembering their divinity and changing the human experience.” – Jamye Price, Author of Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communication

“Tricia McCannon takes us right into the eye of the storm, where the calm inside the chaos can be found! It is an encyclopedia of myths and traditions woven together by their universal truths to form one magical tapestry. After your first read you’ll continue refer to it over and over again, and every time you pick it up – you will marvel at the new wisdom you discover.”

The Origins of ManTricia’s splendid book about the traditions and the treasures of human’s spiritual origins, is a remarkably well-researched tomb about our Souls and each of the world’s beliefs, religions, and traditions producing a grand cosmology of the Soul and beyond.  Leaving no stone unturned …you will recognize not only the origins of your own soul, but the origins of many familiar terms of the ancient god and goddess.” – Maureen St. Germain, Author of Waking Up in 5D

“Tricia McCannon’s book Angelic Origins of the Soul if filled with important information to help remind us of our purpose here on earth. As we read the wisdom within the pages, we remember the true nature of our being and in the process find clarity to our journey at this point in the timeline. This book will help you find the answers you need during the times of great change that are upon us.” – Joshua Poet – First Contact Radio

“This fascinating book holds many insights about our soul’s journey and our missions right now.  A riveting read that I couldn’t put down, it is a must read for all spiritual students interested in finding out about the soul’s journey and life mission in this lifetime.  This is a great reference book that you will refer to again and again. I highly recommend it for all spiritual libraries.” –  Cyndie Lepori, Author and Animal Communicator, Writer for Species Link and Fate Magazine.

“Tricia McCannon has the unique ability to merge celestial knowledge with scientific facts about our evolution as human beings. She is a master storyteller and captivates us to our core.” – Burge Smith-Lyons, Founder of the Essence of Being Transformational Seminars

“Tricia McCannon has provided a multi dimensional roadmap that is very much needed in this time of turmoil.  Clarity of the importance of our aligning with our Soul’s purpose as well as understanding the landscape of the multi dimensional worlds, will help the spiritual seeker find direction and solace during this turbulent time of ascension.”  – Dr. Susan Kolb author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants from Harm to Healing


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