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Over the years Tricia has spoken at dozens of national and international venues, including Conferences and Expos in England, Peru, Egypt, Italy, France, and of course, America. Her programs are beautiful, thought-provoking, intriguing and entertaining. And while she is known for the depth of her historic research and gorgeous visual images, Ms. McCannon has also spoken without visual aids as a Keynote to resounding applause.

A veteran of over 175 radio and television shows, she is quite at home with the press, the public and any advance media interviews.

As The Mysteries Expert, Ms. McCannon speaks at Conferences, Colleges, Churches and University settings to audiences of 1000 people or more, as well as addressing smaller, more private groups, organizations, or gatherings. Immensely entertaining, thought provoking, and mind-bending, her workshops are packed to capacity. Her inspiring lectures are as short as one to two hours long, and have frequently been developed as one and two-day seminar events. The scope of her work can easily be customized to fit any particular audience or venue.

The following is a list of some of Tricia’s many presentations. Most of them have full color slide shows and some have video footage. Each exciting Power Point presentation is completely self-contained, yet also work as an educational Series, allowing audiences to have a firmer grounding in ancient history, comparative religion, archaeology, spirituality and metaphysics. To find out more about this Speaking Series click on any of the sky-blue headings, and you will be taken to a page with details about these talks.

Her subjects can be divided into several distinct categories.
To take a look at her many speaking programs click on any of the links below.

The Jewish Mysteries
The Egyptian Mysteries
The Christian Mysteries
Healing & Personal Empowerment

Awakening to the Divine Feminine
The Great Spiritual Mysteries & Alchemist Dream Series
Beyond This World: Angels & the UFO’s Series
Galactic Alignment & Earth Revelations Series

Tricia can be reached through phone by calling 678-309-0888
or through her email at