DVD: The Nine Orders of the Angels

DVD: The Nine Orders of the Angels

The Nine Orders of the Angels
2 Hr. 1 disc DVD – $20

This deeply fascinating presentation gives you the Masters Degree in Angelology. We pick up where Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Angels and Extraterrestrials left off, asking the questions: What are the Nine Orders of the Angels, and how do they express themselves through both the physical Universe and the subtle energy planes? What are the creational energies intrinsic to the Thrones, the Seraphim and the Cherubim? Which Order of Angels sits directly beneath the energy of the Christ or the energy of Metatron, overseer of sacred from? How do the Seraphim create the 144 tones which allow the 12 major dimensions to come into being and be sustained? How do the Cherubim convert the Sound tones into Light frequencies, creating the visible light spectrum that we see all around us?

How are the Orders of the Dominions, Virtues and Powers responsible for building the scaffolding of Dark Matter upon which all the visible world hangs? How is this woven into the net of time and space, and the very building blocks of matter? How do the Orders of the Archii or the Principalities “seed” the planets, and what is the role of the Archangelic kingdom in guarding the portals to sacred sites?

At a personal level, how are these Nine Orders directly tied to our very Soul origins? And how can we discover which Order of Angels we originally emanated from? This ethereal, yet deeply grounded presentation takes you into the living world of the Angels and we promise you will never again see the Universe in the same way!