Astrological Readings

Astrological Readings


What do the stars do? What do the numbers say? Why do the spheres revolve?
Oh Souls that are lost and saved, they relate, they sing, they revolve our destinies.”
– Thoth/Hermes, Egyptian God of Wisdom


Long ago the ancient study of Astrology was considered the PhD program of the more physical, earth/sky based science of Astronomy. Both disciplines concentrate on the movement of the stars and planets moving through the heavens, in relationship to Earth, but where Astronomy focuses on the movements themselves, seeking to penetrate the cycles of the great Cosmic machinery.

Astrology is the study of the subtle electromagnetic energies that are encoded into your personality at birth, electromagnetic fields of subtle energy that affect all living things on planet Earth. Just as the Moon exerts a strong gravitational field on the tides, the gestation cycles of animals, and the sex and violence rates of human beings, so too do the other planets, which are much larger than the Moon, exert their own powerful electromagnetic influences.

When we are born the cells of our body become imprinted by the light energies that are bathing the Earth at that time. This stamps our personalities with a particular electromagnetic pattern which reveals our purpose, challenges and destiny in any given lifetime. This is called the NATAL CHART or Birth Chart, and by knowing how to read this Chart properly, a good Astrologer can help you to understand what you course of life you may have decided on before arriving here on Earth.

The Astrological Natal ChartIf one knows how to read it, the NATAL CHART reveals both your Karma or your challenges, and your Dharma, or your life’s mission. Many times a Soul will deliberately be born into a life with specific hardships in order to gain the tools to accomplish a specific mission. A girl who grows us seeing her mother get sick and die, decides to become a doctor and save hundreds of peoples’ lives. A boy whose best friend dies in a fire becomes a fireman. A boy whose father dies in war decides to become an ambassador of peace at the UN, or becomes active in the Big Brother programs that steward young men. A young mother who loses her child to a drunk driver sets up Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In this way the wounds of our past become the catalysts for our future. But understanding how this works is essential to the journey. By knowing that the challenges we take on in childhood are a deliberate choice, we are no longer victims of our fates. We begin to clearly understand that these seemingly devastating events were self-chosen in order to motivate us to become experts in our respective fields of study. So in a perfect life, the arc of our wounding and healing becomes the tools of mastery that we use to fulfill our destinies. Your Karma meets your Dharma. My Astrological Readings focus first on discovering this link between your wounds and your highest purpose. So every Astrological Reading addresses the Shamanic aspects of the BIRTH CHART first. Then we look at where you are now the unfolding of your life pattern today.  That is found in your TRANSIT CHART.

At a personal level there are several kinds of Astrological charts that an Astrologer can run.



A person’s Natal Chart can be called one’s current Life Blueprint, for it reveals not only many of the twists and turns of personality, but also many of the deeper life lessons we have come to learn. It reveals the energy that fuels the personality, how one is seen on the world stage, what kings of careers are best suited for an individual, and how easy money will flow and support you in life. It also reveals where we have been wounded in our past, whether in childhood, or even before we came into this lifetime. It shows the arc of the many challenges we will have, and if successful, the fulfillment of our destinies.

A person’s Natal Chart is determined by knowing the date, place and time that you were born. This gives us a Blueprint of the skies at the moment you came into the world, and reveals the specific combination of electromagnetic light frequencies that imprinted the cells of your body at birth. While one may often chose to change aspects of personality from lifetime to lifetime, many times the gifts, abilities, and general proclivities acquired in one lifetime, will also be reflected in the Chart of this lifetime. While it is possible to ultimately transcend your Astrological Natal chart in the course of a lifetime, it is only by moving into deeper and deeper levels of self-acceptance, self knowledge, and emotional healing, that one acquires the mastery to transcend these influences.



Astrological TransitsAs the stars and planets continue to move around the Earth year after year, these electromagnetic patterns are continually changing for everyone. The question is, given the original blueprint of the Natal Chart, how are they affecting you? A Transit Chart reveals what is happening now, and what will be happening in the future.

We all know that during the course of our lives we go through many stages. Some periods are more about building a career, settling down, buying a house, having children, romance or relationship, productive creativity, or awakening at a spiritual level. These “chapters” are determined in large part by the Transits. So by knowing the Transits operational in your life at any given time, you have an opportunity to use then in the most productive way. You can measure when the Transit or cycle first began, and when it will end. This way you being proactive. You become the “cause” and not the “effect” of the cycle. You use it to create a change or activate a portion of yourself that you otherwise might have resisted, knowing that it too will pass. But if you use it properly, it allows you to more gracefully and successfully come into your destiny.


FIRST READINGS INCLUDE: The Natal Chart and the Transit Chart

All Readings are tape recorded, whether the reading is done in person or over the phone. In an ideal world, you will be close to a computer when we do the Session, so that I can email you a visual of the two most significant Charts we will cover: the Natal Chart and the Transit Chart.

In addition, before the Reading starts, I print off about 50 sheets of astrological details about your life, personality and what you are going through now that I will either send you in the mail, if the Session is long distance, or that you can take home with you for study if we are working in person.

Again and again my clients tell me that these Readings are the clearest Sessions they have ever had, and that while they never before understood Astrology, now they feel like they do.



“Powerful, profoundly insightful and illuminating. I can’t believe how true it is!”

“Wow, I’ve never had a Reading that was so clear and understandable.”

“You completely nailed me! How could you know so much about me from just a piece of paper?”

“I understand Astrology now in a way I never have before. I wish someone had explained it like that to me in my other Readings!”

“I now know my life’s purpose, and how I need to get on with it!”


NOTE THAT NATAL CHART READINGS also include a look at YOUR CURRENT TRANSITS, or what you are going through now. So these Sessions are actually two Sessions in one. Thus they Run between 2 and 3 hours. The first two hours are $300, and it is $50 for every 30 minutes after that. Most Sessions are either 2 or 2 1/2 hours in length and I print out about 60 pages for you to take home and study.

In addition, some people want RELATIONSHIP READINGS. These are described below.



Soul Mates Twin FlamesThis fascinating use of the art of Astrology takes a serious look at the energies between yourself and your Beloved. It uses the Natal Charts of both individuals to create two types of Charts: Composite and Comparison.

A Composite Chart reveals the energy that the two of your create when you are together. Who are you as a couple? What do you do together? How are you seen by others? What is the focus of the relationship between you? Is it home and family? Is it speaking and teaching? Is it spirituality and harmony? Is it health and healing? Is it making babies, or making your mark in the world together? All this is revealed in a Composite Chart, including whether the relationship seems to play out in more traditional or non-traditional terms.

A Comparison Chart takes a look at how she impact him, and how he impacts her. In other words, how do you each activate one another? This compares key ingredients like sexual compatibility and chemistry, emotional compatibility, creative synergies, similarities in values, and deeper areas of past life connection. It also will look at the ease or challenges of control issues between two individuals, whether parent and child, husband and wife, or as business partners.

Two hearts ZodiaIt addresses the deeper things like the spiritual harmony between you, your mental compatibility, and your strong and weak points. This Chart is very useful to understand small problems before they turn into larger problems. It allows you to realize that one particular area or another, you may just simply see life from two different perspectives. Neither person is “right” or “wrong;” you simply see out of different windows. This realization can allow you to understand that even in a wonderful relationship, when negative dynamics arise, Astrology can give you the tools to detach from it, accept your differences, and move on.

Relationship Readings can have one or both people present.
It is entirely your choice.

These Readings are also tape recorded, and I will print out about 50 to 60 pages for you to take home. This is excellent for figuring out personal, romantic and business relationships.

Relationship Readings also Run 2 to 2 1/2 hours long.
The first two hours are $300, and $50 for every 30 minutes thereafter.