Speaking Programs

Speaking Programs


As you discover as you browse through this Website, Tricia speaks on many diverse subjects from Ancient History to UFOs; Faith and Healing, to the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt. In the drop down Menu below, you will find dozens of her presentations grouped loosely in a variety of categories. And as you will see as you go through her Books, Webinars, DVDs and longer On-Line Courses, she has an extensive grasp of both the ancient past and hidden history of the world, the present and future challenges of mankind, and how the Perennial Wisdom of the Masters is as relevant to us today as it was 5000 years ago.

Below are just a few of the many things people have had to say about her Courses, Keynote Presentations and teachings.


Cosmic Illumination“Tricia McCannon is on the leading Frontier of Consciousness, bridging the dimensions between the human soul in the heavenly state of being. Her works present a map for the journey of life that leads to the path of the heart.” – Alan Steinfeld, New Realities TV and Radio Show

“Tricia McCannon gives us a real roadmap that touches the very core of our lives.  Essential reading for everyone!” – Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Bestselling author of Saved by the Light

“Tricia McCannon has the unique ability to merge celestial knowledge with scientific facts about our evolution as human beings. She is a Master Storyteller and captivates us to our core.” – Burge Smith Lyons, The Essence of Being Seminars

“Tricia McCannon teachings are a revelation for the soul that encourages us to embody our true divinity. They are the missing link that can help us thrive as a human race.” –  Laura Eisenhower, Cosmic Gaia Sophia Seminars

“Tricia’s teachings remind us that we are not just machines made of matter, but eternal sparks of God living in a world that offers us the chance to revive our divine consciousness. This is a message the modern world very much needs to hear.” – Michael A. Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology

The Key to Enlightenment“Trisha’s work contains a vast array of knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the esoteric Sciences, the Angelics, and the connection to our place in the universe that leads her readers to a place of love, hope, and wonder. A must-read for those wisdom Seekers seeking enlightenment and connection to the source!” – Robert Perala, Author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap For The New Millennium

 “WOW!!! Just awe inspiring! I’m not finished and I’ve learned so much about Jesus and symbology. There is so much information!  I know I will return here even after I finish the course. The visual images are breath taking, including the paintings and stain glass windows…” – Maria do Ceu Mandras

“Brilliant images! Explained in great detail! Tricia McCannon overflows with vast knowledge! After reading her book, Jesus – The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions, this lecture added an explosion of imagery and much more knowledge, especially Module 7 – simply a wonderful lecture experience. I so enjoyed hearing and seeing the past come alive again. Fascinating! I was left with a sense of awe!” – Melanie Taylor-Kuellmar

“I loved it!!! I cannot wait to watch it again!” – Angela Noelani