RAVE REVIEWS FOR:  Angels – Divine Encounters

RAVE REVIEWS FOR: Angels – Divine Encounters

Personal Encounters with Divine Beings of Light


Angel Book Cover“More than a book about angels, this author reveals mysteries of existence itself. Any seeker of wisdom and truth would be well served to read “Angels”. This magnificent work will also serve those who want to actually feel God’s love through words written on pages! – Percy Walcott – Florida


“Much more than a mere collection of Angel stories, this book is an opportunity to expand one’s understanding & possibilities around encounters with the Angelic.

Delivered with the grace and wisdom of a master teacher, Tricia McCannon primes the reader with in-depth, historical, personal and even scientific aspects of these experiences and how they interweave into the innermost fabric of our lives. She sets the stage for the marvelous personal encounters of the supporting authors who were kind enough to share their stories of love, hope and inspiration to show we are never alone and we are always loved and supported – no matter the circumstances.

Our own Angelic Nature“In true loving fashion, Tricia McCannon goes above and beyond by leaving the reader with practical and powerful daily practices to elevate one’s vibration to streamline connection with the Divine. A cornerstone to any truth-seeker’s library.” – Kenneth Kamien – Ohio


“Tricia’s newest book is a wonderful addition to her work. She illustrates how to invite angels into your life and establish a lifelong rapport with them. Angels surround us at all times but need to be invited in before they can assist us most effectively. There are many wonderful angels and their goals include giving wisdom and joy to each of us. They are very uplifting and this book is a great gift for many seekers to enhance their journey in life.” – Chris