Overview: Angels Divine Encounters

Overview: Angels Divine Encounters

Announcing Our New Book
Personal Encounters with Divine Beings of Light

222 pages – $16.99


Angel Book CoverExperience the Miracle of Angels! Angels are celestial beings of light that emanate joy, grace, lightness, and an uplifting peace. They appear to us in many different ways: as a touch upon our shoulder; comfort in times of suffering; as agents of synchronicity; and through messages in our dreams. But they also can take a human form and help us in times of great need.


Known throughout history in almost every culture of the world, these great beings of light are active in the world today. It is almost as if by their very  existence they reassure us that everything is unfolding according to a Divine Plan.


In this beautiful inspiring book you are asked to invite the Angels into your own life with Tricia McCannon and 27 other sacred storytellers who have had their own personal encounters with Angels and wish to share them with you.In story after story we witness the modern day miracles of Angels all around us, reminding us that that we are living in a light filled universe where anything is possible. Here are just a few of the amazing stories in this book:


27 true storiesA young child saved with the help of the Angels
Guidance received by a woman while in a comatose state
Angels appearing above the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral
Archangel Chamuel giving a young woman direction on her life
A pregnant woman assured that her child would be born healthy
Archangel Michael saving a woman from a car accident

In this illuminated book you can discover how to deepen your relationship with Angels for yourself. Delve into the history and mystery of Angelic lore and be inspired by accounts of many famous people whose Angelic encounters changed thew world. Angels are at the heart of a celestial awakening now taking place on our planet. When we call upon them, and invite them into our lies, then we begin to awaken the Angelic nature within ourselves.

Angels here here to uplift your soul. Their essence is love, their appearance is light, and their purpose is the healing and illumination of the world.


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