Blueprint of the Soul & the Nine Orders of Angels

Blueprint of the Soul & the Nine Orders of Angels

Blueprint of the Soul &
the Nine Orders of the Angels

FIRST LEVEL:  LESSON #4- 138 pages


Blueprint of the Soul MS coverThis particular discourse covers not only the creation, attributes, and functions of the original Nine Angelic Orders from which we each emerged, but the unfolding of God’s consciousness as it evolved through time; a process that can be seen in the microcosmic journey that each one of us makes as we descend through the various multidimensional realms to arrive in the finite realms of Earth. These multidimensional planes have been called the Threshold Realms for they are the dimensions between the Absolute Realms of God and the physical Worlds of Form.

In this discourse we will explore the mechanism of how we, as Souls, fall into the belief of separation from the Source, and how this impacts us at a very real level in our daily lives. We will discuss the process of how, over time, we acquire emotional wounds, complexes and reactions to pain that follow us in ever repeating patterns through our various lifetimes, until we can clear them up.  We will find out how this sense of separation, betrayal, lack of self worth and isolation can also cause us to sabotage our relationships and our happiness. And we will discover how this can either cause us to become antisocial and withdraw from true love and intimacy, or conversely, to look outside of ourselves for validation. In this discourse we will discuss how Souls fall into the trap of forgetfulness, and what the mechanisms are that allow us experience Free Will.

We will also learn about the Course Curriculum of the Soul as it strives to master the twin pillars of enlightenment: Love and Power. And how, when we follow only the path of love without claiming our power, we can find ourselves turning into a doormat. Conversely, when we follow the path of power without love, we can become a tyrant.

Power is amazingly seductive and causes many Souls to spend millions of years locked in the internal battle between the Ego and the Higher Self.  Such an alignment can also prompt a person to begin to steal energy or power from other people through a variety of methods. We will discuss several of these more insidious forms, including the use of intimidation, withholding, and martyrdom, producing a nightmare of the person’s own worst making. Finally, by being able to identify the game of separation that is being played out in the relationships around us, we will learn how to break free from its influence and begin to discover our own Truth.

These poignant and profound realizations lay deep at the heart of the greatest Mystery traditions of the Ancients. Today, as we awaken in a new age, it is time for them to once more be remembered and practiced, so that in our time, we might also set ourselves free. These ancient masters were intent upon establishing a Way out of this web of illusion and darkness, a Way that led into the realms of self-realization and spiritual enlightenment.

This workshop will give you many of the tools to help awaken within the dream of illusion; to begin to remember who you really are; to free yourself from our perceived disconnection with the Source, and to take the first step on the Way of the Return. These realizations are foundational to understanding the divine destiny that awaits us all, if only we will awaken to claim it.


Table of Contents

A History of the Soul
Overview of the Blueprint of the Soul
Twelve Laws of Spiritual Karma
Illustration: Road Map of the Threshold Realms
Section One: Blueprint of the Soul: Road Map of Reality
What Would You Have to Believe to Have this Life?

Section Two: In the Beginning
The Compass of the Heart
Understanding there is a Course Curriculum
Section Three: Our Genesis Matrix
God Chooses a Companion – Us
The Formation of Creation
The Nine Orders of the Angels
Our Descent Into Matter
Section Four: The Six Stages of Soul Evolution
Beginner, Young, Intermediate, Advanced, Master and Bodhisattva Souls
Life Plan Exists

SECTION FIVE: Healing the Soul Wound to Become Whole
The Course Curriculum: Mastering the Path of Love and of Power
The Three Lies of Adi Karma
Four Ways in Which People Try to Steal Others Power
The PVR Triangle
The Four Defense Mechanisms That Keep Us From Knowing Who we Are
Changing the Patterns of Communication Exercises
Three Techniques for Better Listening and Communication
Five Ways We Are Chained to the Past Ways of Getting Ourselves Free



“I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing,
through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me.
Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born.”

– Jack London, The Star Rover


PersephoneLet us begin by taking a look at how the various spiritual traditions of the past have viewed the nature of the Soul and its divine origins. Many ancient peoples taught that the nature of the Soul itself is feminine; not only are we born in each lifetime from a physical human mother, but at the greater cosmological level we emerge from the womb of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. This is the feminine face of God, long forgotten in traditional patriarchal religions. The first level of the Eleusian Mysteries of Greece were, in fact, based on the metaphoric tale of the descent of the Soul into the darkness of the worlds of matter, and its return to heaven.

Demeter welcomes Persephone homeThis is the tale of Demeter and Persephone, a divine mother and daughter. In the story we find that the innocent young maiden Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of abundance. Demeter was the Greek name for Isis, the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, and her name can be easily translated as “the measure” of all things, just as Isis’s name represents the “I AM” principle of the divine feminine. This clearly tells us there is a greater cosmological theme behind our story.

The hidden names of Persephone also give us insight into her true identity. Persephone was called Kernel or Kore’ within the Mystery traditions, a reference to her being a seed or kernel from the Tree of Life, a Tree long associated with both the Divine Mother and the Divine Son. In the tale, Persephone is abducted by Hades, the god of the Underworld. Distraught with loss, Demeter searches for her daughter everywhere, and her sorrow even causes the shriveling up of life across the Earth.  Finally, after quite some time, Demeter discovers that Persephone is being held captive in the lower worlds, and that the god of the Underworld is trying to seduce her. Demeter appeals to the other gods and goddesses to help free her daughter from Hades’ clutches, but since Persephone has tasted of six red pomegranate seeds she is now bound to the earthly plane of karma. Thus, for six months of every year Persephone is destined to spend her time in the physical worlds, returning to heaven for the other six months.

This story is clearly a metaphor for the journey of the Soul that each of us takes. Like Persephone we are fated to spend half our time in the heavenly worlds, and then, as we are born on Earth, spend the other half in the Worlds of Form. Thus we return to Earth again and again in endless cycles of rebirths until we can free ourselves and attain enlightenment.

Let’s Talk About the Power of this Myth.  Answer these Questions

  1. How are we like Persephone or Kore?
  2. Why is Demeter or Isis the Mother of the World?
  3. What does it mean to spend half our time in Heaven and half in Hades?
  4. How does this relate to the scope of our Soul’s Journey?


The SoulLike many of the ancient cultures of the past who were not distracted by the many entertainments of nightly television, movies and computers, the Greeks spent a great deal of time contemplating the eternal nature of the Soul.  They believed that the Soul existed long before it came into the worlds of form, and that it returned to these heavenly worlds after each life. Socrates explains in Plato’s Dialogues that when the body dies, the Soul continues to exist apart from the body and that the purpose of philosophy, literally translated as “a lover of wisdom,” or “lover of the goddess Sophia,” was to free the Soul from identification with the body.

Like the later Gnostic Christians, The Greeks believed that the Soul has many aspects. Thumos was the seat of the emotions; menes was associated with the mind; and the free Soul they called psuche or psyche. This was the unencumbered Soul that must be present for life to continue. It became passive when the body was most active, and was most manifest only during sleep, unconsciousness or in death. After death, if it journeyed to the Underworld it became a shade, a shadow or an image. Over the centuries the term psyche gradually came to incorporate the emotional component of the Soul as well, and to eventually represent the center of consciousness.

The Greeks derived this idea of the multi-layer Soul from the Egyptians and the sages of the great Mystery Schools. Many of these schools that were scattered across the world taught that there were only seven aspects to the Soul, corresponding neatly with the seven dimensional planes of the Lower Worlds. They also taught the knowledge of the seven major chakras, and the seven planetary spheres, or archetypes that live within us. These seven planetary archetypes are the Sun, representing our conscious will; the moon, representing our emotions; Mercury representing the mind; Venus representing the heart; Mars symbolizing our sexual passions and the physical body; Jupiter representing our expansive spiritual natures; and Saturn symbolizing our karmic nature within the cycles of time.

Angelic OversoulYet the Egyptians, long thought to be the Motherland of the great spiritual Mystery Schools, taught that there were not merely seven bodies, but two additional bodies, making a total of nine. They believed that in order to attain mastery, one had to develop and harmonize each of these nine aspects. These many parts can be loosely grouped into three categories: our physical-emotional bodies, our emotional-mental bodies, and our mental-spiritual bodies. Among the first triad are the khat or physical body; the Ren or cell-self made up of both the animal Soul and the physical body; and the khaibit which represented both our physical shadow and our unprocessed emotional or psychological shadow. The second triad contains the Ka, or vital mind-heart self that we develop in every lifetime, also believed to be our deeper self residing in the divine world; the Akh or spirit of illuminated mind intelligence; and the Sekem or Vital Etheric body. The last triad was the Sahu or spiritual body; the Khu or eternal radiant Higher Self; and our Ba, which is our true heart-Soul essence.

While this is certainly a lot for modern day spiritual practitioners to begin to absorb without a more extensive background, what is clear from this brief overview is that the Egyptian sages were masters of understanding the inner workings of the Soul, and seeking harmony among the various parts of who we are. Clearly several steps beyond even the most advanced modern day psychology, these sages taught that there are various abilities associated with the development of each one of these parts, including the ability to control the elements, to direct healing energies, to use our inner sight, to dream at a conscious level, to travel outside the body, to heal the sick and raise the dead, and certainly, to make a conscious connection with God.  Ultimately the purpose in developing these subtle energy bodies is for us to bring them into harmony, and to connect with the Divine. This can only be done by living a good and virtuous life.

In later centuries other spiritual groups would also teach about the various aspects of the Soul, although in greatly watered down or distorted versions. Gnostic Christians for example, also believed that the Soul descended through seven celestial heavens or planetary spheres. Along the way the Soul acquired both positive and negative qualities from each of these spheres. If negatively aspected these qualities showed up as the seven deadly sins. These are pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, anger, lust and greed. If they are positively developed they become the seven heavenly virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility. But once the Soul ascends back into heaven, the negative expression of these traits vanish.





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