Rave Reviews for Dialogues with the Angels

Rave Reviews for Dialogues with the Angels

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Dialogues with the Angels


Dialongues with the Angels book“This extraordinary adventure takes us into the worlds of masters and saints, inter-dimensional planes, lucid dreaming, Shamanic Spirit Helpers, and a deep, but simple Christian mysticism. With an authenticity that is both selfless and refreshingly honest, McCannon manages to convey the esoteric secrets of the universe with such accessible and human familiarity that we find ourselves crying and laughing, rejoicing and hoping that the book will never end.”  –  Leading Edge Review

“I sat in my favorite overstuffed chair, legs up over the side and read Dialogues with the Angels every chance I had.  I loved it!  It brought me to tears and laughter, introspection and discovery again and again.  A must read!” – Susanne Konicov – Editor, “Connecting Link” Magazine

Dialogues with the Angels reveals a spiritual part of us that has long been hidden from mankind. it is essential for the opening of this coming age.”
– Dannion Brinkley Saved by the Light

 “Dialogues with the Angels is one of those incredible books that virtually yells bestseller! I challenge anyone to pick it up and not be moved. It struck deep into my  heart.” – David Ryback – Author of Dreams that Come True and Connectibility

“This amazing book confirms and expands by own experiences of working with the Angels for 25 years. It has the power to change your life, as it did mine. It is must read for anyone interested in awakening to their own divine relationship with God.”
– Sylvia Laurens – Visionary Artist – Arkansas

 “Magical and enchanted … This compelling spiritual journey will awaken thousands to the connection with their own Inner Guides.  I could not put it down.”  –  Karen Willis – Editor, Aurora Magazine

 ““This book is perfection!  I need to read it three or four more times!” –  Marilyn Crocket, Los Angeles Agent

 “Dialogues With the Angels is a magic book!  Through the gentle intermingling of tenderness and wisdom you awakened my soul and touched chords in my heart that continue to reverberate.” – Lorin Zaret, Healing Practitioner

“It’s been a long time since I couldn’t put an manuscript down.  Walking with Grace with your ethereal entourage consciously at your side is very ‘90’s.  Dialogues With the Angels is a doorway into those places of knowing that allow our innocence to return us to Grace.  Wonderful reading!”
– Gary Bonnell – Author of Ascension and The Book of Life

“I love this book.  It is like none other.  Perhaps because it is so real and so honest.  It is a masterpiece of the soul, birthed of the spirit, immersed in the heart.  Sometimes I just put my hand on it to feel all that it embraces in my being.” – Leslie Sherman – Writer and teacher