Rave Reviews of Jesus

Rave Reviews of Jesus

The Rave Reviews Are In!

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years


The Lost Years of Jesus“Tricia McCannon has produced a masterpiece of exhaustive research. She has left no stone unturned. Her devotion to her subject shines through loud and clear. This will become a classic in the field.” – Dolores Cannon, author of Jesus and the Essenes, They Walked with Jesus, Conversations with Nostradamus and fifteen other metaphysical books.

“Tricia McCannon’s epic new book about Jesus contains not only a wealth of amazing new information but also serves as a healing balm for a world in turmoil as she successfully unites and weaves together the threads of mystery around his 30 lost years.” – Linda Star Wolf, author of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology and Shamanic Breathwork

“Tricia McCannon has written another page-turner! Revealing mystery after mystery she connects the dots on the path of Jesus, making his journey as relevant as ever in this time of great spiritual transition. Detailed and absorbing, “The Lost Years of Jesus and the Secret Schools of Initiation” appeals to both sides of the brain, as well as the heart. Tricia McCannon’s is an important voice in a world transitioning out of Separation into Unity.” – Dina Shadwell, Assistant Director Arts and Culture at the Jewish Community Center in Atlanta

“A fascinating, wide-ranging book that takes readers on an intricate and rewarding journey. The book tells a compelling story, with an appealing personal dimension. It also has a great deal of dramatic impact. I couldn’t help feeling, as I read, that I was following the itinerary and sharing the experiences described.” – Laurel Warren Trufant, Ph.D. at the University of New Hampshire

“For the many Christians who have always had an intuitive ‘knowing’ that there is so much more to the man Jesus, as well as the Christ Being He represents, than what can be found in the New Testament, you will revel in the countless ‘A-ha’ moments contained within the wisdom of these pages. For those who are already students of the Mysteries, Tricia McCannon has provided this remarkable compilation of information for you, from the Wisdom of the Ancients to current day, all of it tied together in a beautiful package wrapped in the profound bow of her own knowledge and wisdom. Enjoy the journey!” – Reverend Lynn Ann Clements

“Tricia McCannon, clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, Priestess of Isis, and scholarly researcher has taken on a bold and controversial mission – to reveal the mysterious past of Jesus of Nazareth and to document the connections between Him and Essenes, the Mystery Schools of Egypt, the Buddhists of India, and even the ancient Druids of Britain. In so doing, she paints a much more complex picture of the secret teachings of Jesus and reveals what has been lost to modern day Christianity as a result of a political process with the Orthodox Church – a process that sought to deny the power and divinity of each and every one, and the importance of honoring the female goddess as an intrinsic part of nature and the universe. – Joe Lewels, Ph.D, author of The God Hypothesis and Rulers of the Earth: Secrets of the Sons of God.

“For Seekers or Seers alike, this book provides food for thought, inspiration, guidance and incredibly well-documented proof of the lost years of Jesus, that many have long wondered about. Ms. McCannon provides reams of evidence to support her transformational theory of Jesus’ true message. – Burge Smith-Lyons, Founder of The Essence of Being, and author of Bubbletalk: Conversations in your Head.

“Tricia McCannon has thoroughly annotated a comprehensive volume of comparative religious studies spanning the globe. In a fascinating, but scholarly manner, devoid of agenda or dogma, she respectfully clears up the many so-called “mysteries” about the missing years of Jesus’ life. Written in both a historical and spiritual perspective, this book speak to the heart, the mind and the soul. These volumes are destined to be used as reference material for years to come.” –  Debbie Unterman, Clinical Hypnotherapist & author of Talking to My Selves: Getting to Know the Voices in My Head

“Just when I thought I knew all I could about Jesus, Tricia McCannon paints a portrait of his life that, until now, has been viewed by only a handful of people in 2,000 years. Mind blowing and fascinating, the wealth of knowledge Ms. McCannon shares transports you back in time, and could easily make a believer out of the most resistant reader… it did for me!” – Dr. Cindy Gale, Chiropractor

“I just love this book! It is full of so many amazing things, and I have never had such insights. I have never had a relationship with Jesus before, and I have always felt guilty about it… at least until now. Now I finally understand Jesus… and I love him! This book is wonderful and it needs to get out to the world!” – Stephanie Copeland – Germany