Becoming the Priest or Priestess

Becoming the Priest or Priestess

Becoming the Priest, Priestess, Shaman and Healer

“Illumination comes from unceasing work to perfect oneself –
it is the foundation of the spiritual quest.” – Rosicrucian Manuscript

FIRST LEVEL: LESSON #12 – 111 pages

Table of Contents

A Review of Precepts Taught by the Great Mystery Schools
What Does It Mean to Be a Priest or a Priestess?
The Path of a Priest or a Priestess
The Path of the Mystic and the Path of the Magician
The Many Roles of a Priest or a Priestess
Connecting with the Sacred Earth
The Link Between Heaven and Earth
Honoring the Natural Cycles The Divine Feminine and Masculine
The Hierogamos or Sacred Marriage
Choosing Your Personal Pantheon
Writing Your Letters
Laying Out the Matrix
Choosing a Magical Name
About Choosing a Name
Choosing a Motto to Live By
Quotes to Live By
Motivational Classics
Universal Peace Prayers
Honoring the Divine Feminine in the Coming Age
Archetypal Paths to Bringing the Masculine and Feminine into Balance
The 100 Questions Questionnaire


What Does it Mean to Be A Priest or Priestess?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
–  Margaret Mead

What does it mean to become a priest or a priestess in our modern world? What did it mean in the past, and how are those values transferable to the lives we are living today? Let us first take a moment to examine what a Priest or a Priestess is in its highest manifestation, and the role that they are meant to play here on Earth.

The ancient Orders of the Priesthood in the past were created to act as conduits between heaven and Earth. At their core they were spiritual centers, whose representatives chose to live moral, upstanding lives dedicated to Spirit. Anchored in the spiritual Temples of the day, and supported in some countries by the State itself (and in others by the donations of the many pilgrims that came there for healing, prophecy or help), they were centers of spiritual enlightenment dedicated to the principles of morality, justice and spiritual Law.

Similar to a spiritual University, they were gateways of knowledge that taught the healing arts, sciences, and lawful governance of human rights. These academies offered courses in history, philosophy, mathematics, architecture, engineering, sacred geometry, astronomy, astrology, biology, physiology, language and magic. They understood the anatomy and development of the subtle energy systems within the human being, and comprehended the unfolding of evolution from the highest realms of Light down into the worlds of matter. They taught the spiritual technology of ascension, and how the samsaras or karmic wounds from our past actions can hold us back from true enlightenment.

Healing the WorldThese sages knew how to heal at a distance, command the elements, produce an etheric double, project a holographic image, become invisible, levitate, and use telepathy. They often had oracular gifts of prophecy and were able to view events on the time line, whether in the past, present or future. They taught about the Fall of Mankind from a state of higher spiritual oneness or connectedness, into our current state of illusionary mis-perception. Their most important single function was to help dispel this illusion by their dedication to Truth. This is why again and again we see the kings of the ancient world kneeling before the throne of Ma’at, the Goddess of Truth.

Today we are just remembering this wisdom, and finding a way to apply it to our own modern Age. Piece by piece we are reconstructing our awareness of the natural world, the subtle energy worlds, the stars and planets, the vast cycles of time, and the subtle energy bodies so essential to our spiritual evolution. We are rediscovering healing technologies based on sound, magnetism, crystals, plants, and frequencies of light. We are decoding the ancient symbols of Hermetics to unearth the wisdom long forgotten by the masses, and we are using this wisdom to reawaken ourselves as we stand on the cusp of a New Age.

The role of a Priest or a Priestess is every bit as important today as it was in the ancient world, but without the formal structure and the financial support of the great Mystery Schools. Thus in our time, we are challenged to recreate a vast, comprehensive and well integrated system of learning from the scattered remnants of the world’s great traditions. We are challenged to remember and reinvent the ancient wisdom, and rediscover the path of Enlightenment for ourselves.




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