The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Anunnaki Gods,
The Tree of Life and The Way of the Return



Anunnaki Gods, The Tree of Life and the Way of the Return continues our conversation about the path of Mastery, and the archetypal journey from the Worlds of Form into the Worlds of Spirit, which is called the Way of the Return.  This amazing Lesson is broken down into three distinct sections. Section One begins with the historical Tree of Life as it has been known throughout the centuries, tracing its origins in Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, Norse, and Native American thought, finally bringing us the great Kabbalah, whose sephiroth decorate the Tree of Life.

Section Two addresses the little known history of the Anunnaki gods who once seeded our planet, and who gave us the arts and sciences that are the foundation of civilization today. We take a look in this section at the physical Tree of Life that existed in the Garden of Eden, and the later in the protected heart of the Anunnaki’s highest settlement on Mount Hermon. We explore the ancient texts of Enoch, the scribe, who was one of the two men chosen to be “taken up” by the gods, and given this life-extending nectar distilled from the fruit of the Tree. We explore how this Tree of Life appears and reappears in biblical literature and what it portends about the nature of the gods, the nature of the universal patterns found within the Tree, and how this is linked the prophecies of the BOOK OF REVELATION.

Next, in Section Three, we turn our attention to the great teachings of the Kabbalah, an esoteric path of wisdom that was taught within the Egyptian Mystery Schools, and passed down to Moses and the Hebrew people. We explore how the Tree’s configuration is described by the masters as the Path of the Return, and how they saw its branches stretching from the highest heights of heaven, into the domain of human beings. We discover the Four Worlds of Creation and how the spheres of archetypal consciousness are nested within this Cosmic Tree.

And we learn how this greater Tree is linked to the archetypal and person selves that live within us all. We take a look at how the archetypes that live upon this Tree reflect the difficulties and challenges we all face in our search for human mastery, and how  the healing and mastering of these specific archetypes, gives us entrance into the path of higher knowledge. This allows us ultimately to free ourselves from the cycles of reincarnation. This Tree then becomes a personal road map that  helps us define the inner alchemy within the Self, and to heal, balance and reintegrate these various parts of ourselves. This parts may include our past lives, our various sub-personalities in this lifetime, and of course our higher selves. They knew that this harmonization leads to freedom and ultimately is the path of the Master or the Way of the Return.


Anunnaki Gods, The Tree of Life
& the Way of the Return

“He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened.”
– Tao Te Ching (600 BCE)

  • Introduction
  • A Cultural History of the Tree of Life
  • The Tree of Life: A Legacy of Many Cultures
  • The Tree of Life and Its Hermetic Symbols:
  • The Tree of Life and the Goddess
  • The Tree of Life and Creation
  • The Tree of Life and Our Circuitry
  • The Tree of Life and the Tree of Duality
  • The Tree of Life and the Elements
  • The Tree of Life and the Kabbalah
  • The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden
  • The Accounts of the Books of Enoch
  • Enoch Exercise
  • The Serpent and the Tree of Life
  • Two Meditations
  • Anunnaki Gods and the Serpent of Wisdom
  • The Tree of Life and the Kabbalah
  • The Tree of Life and the Way of the Return
  • The Tree of Life and Astrology
  • Archetypes of the Planets
  • The Tree of Life and the Symbolism of the Tarot
  • Numbers, Cards and the Tarot


  The Tree of Life and the Way of the Return

 “Illumination comes from unceasing work to perfect oneself – 
it is the foundation of the spiritual quest.” – Rosicrucian Manuscript

The Tree of Life is one of the most esoteric and profound subjects that one can ever contemplate in the span of a lifetime, for it exists not only at the symbolic and esoteric levels, but as a physical or energetic pattern that lives within each and every one of us. This blueprint or pattern encompasses the entire spectrum of life, embracing the male and female, solar and lunar, cosmic and earthly, and acting as the Bridge to Eternity that connects them all.

In this discourse we will take a journey into the heart of these profound Mysteries, examining the Tree of Life from a number of perspectives. First, we will look at the Tree from a historical angle as it appears in many of the great world traditions. This includes the Celtic or Druid perspective, the Buddhist and Hindu versions of the Tree, Native American and Egyptian perspectives, and the more complex and multilayered Norse mythology, linking the Tree of Life not only to eight additional realms, but to the legendary Yggdrasil of Norse mythology. This cosmology encompasses the three Fates or three Norns who turn the Wheel of Time, and represent the principles of past, present and future.

Next, we examine the Tree of Life from its biblical roots and its associations with the great Anunnaki gods. As we trace its roots backward, it becomes clear that there was a real physical Tree that produced a nectar of immortality and that this Tree was protected by the gods. This leads us to the hidden history of the ancient Anunnaki gods and goddesses who once oversaw our planet, and taught the arts and sciences that we are blessed with today, and are foundational to civilization.

Finally our journey will take us into the understanding of the Tree of Life as it acts as a cosmic bridge between the world of form and the world of Spirit. This cosmological wisdom is encompassed within the teachings of the ancient Kabbalah, a path of wisdom that offers an explanation for how the great Cosmic Light of God steps Itself down into the worlds of time and space, and how this knowledge offers us a road map for the Way of the Return. In earlier generations this knowledge was encoded into a series of spiritual initiations, intended to activate and then to master, each of these archetypal principles.

In this context, the Tree of Life lives within us all. It is both cosmic and physical, spiritual and material, and it is connected to our physical circuitry and the spiritual technologies for Ascension. This knowledge, once taught within the great Mystery Schools, went underground when the suppression of the true spiritual wisdom took place during the long centuries of the Dark Ages. Remnants of it however, can still be seen in the symbolism of Hermetics, astrology and the tarot. This is why the study of these esoteric symbols is so important to us today. Others, throughout the Middle Ages sought to express their understanding of the Tree of Life in esoteric diagrams, and secret manuscripts. All of this was to preserve the knowledge of the Way of the Return for future generations.

We hope that you will enjoy this deep and multifaceted journey and that it will peak your interest to continue to contemplate the depth and breadth of this subject, for its principles are the keystones for the enlightenment of humanity.

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