The Magical Worlds of Dreaming

The Magical Worlds of Dreaming

The Magical Worlds of Dreaming,
Soul Travel & Astral Travel

FIRST LEVEL LESSON # 3 – 104 pages


Dream Creations Wish on a StarIn this discourse you will discover how your dreams are messages sent from forces beyond this world, and are often related to not only your Subconscious Mind, but your Higher Self. The Subconscious Mind is the mediating presence between our Conscious Waking State, and our Soul, or Higher Self, and dreaming is one of the most powerful and direct ways we have of staying in touch with who we really are.

In this discourse you will discover the 14 Different Kinds of Dreams available to us, ranging from the classic to the symbolic, precognitive future dreams, to dreams of past lives. You will also discover how some dreams are actually real encounters with Teachers from the Higher Realms who are interested in help our Souls awaken to our Divine Connection with Spirit. You will discover how some dreams are “sent” from the Higher forces, including messages from your future self, from yourself in parallel dimensions, and those dreams sent by Divine Forces.

Creating Our RealityYou will also get a chance to learn specific exercises of how to decode your dream symbology. Symbolic dreams account for some 70 to 80% of the dreams that we remember each night. And since these dreams are often messages from your Higher Self, learning to decode this language is crucial for every initiate wishing to make spiritual progress.

We have also included a very extensive Symbol Exercise to help you create your own personal Dream Dictionary. This Book of Symbols is not only relevant to all human beings, for it lies in the collective consciousness, but will be customized to you. When you come to this section, please take the time to put on some mellow music, and do your free thought associations before going on to the other sections. This will give you a real yardstick for measuring how tuned in you are to the language of the Inner Planes, and what symbols may have more personal meanings for you.

We have also included maps of the Inner Worlds, the Astral Plane, and suggestions for achieving out of body states in both Astral Travel and Soul Travel, as well as a series of spiritual exercises to help you in aligning and clearing your chakras. Finally we have instructions and a lovely spell for making a Dream Pillow and activating it. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this magical program, and we wish you divine and powerful dreams!


Table of Contents


  • Astral Projection & Flying DreamsIntroduction
  • The Magical Worlds of Dreaming
  • How Dreams Can Help Us
  • Dream Temples in the Ancient World
  • Egyptian Dream Temple Techniques
  • The Many Types of Dreams
  • Astral Travel VS Soul Travel
  • Creating Your Own Dream Dictionary
  • The Classical Meanings Behind These Symbols
  • The Landscape of Consciousness
  • The Astral Plane
  • A Map of the 12 Sub-planes of the Astral World
  • A Map of the 12 Overall Dimensions,
  • Each of which have 12 Sub-planes
  • A Map of our Seven Subtle Energy Bodies
  • And the Plane where We Acquired it
  • The Four Brainwave States
  • Achieving Altered States
  • Keeping a Dream Journal
  • Clearing Emotional Issues
  • Three Buddha Bodies & Six States of Consciousness
  • Exercise One: The Power of the Breath
  • Exercise Two:  Meditation Exercise
  • Dream Sigils
  • Dream Sigil #1
  • Dream Sigil #2
  • Creating Your Dream Pillow
  • Dream Chant
  • Internet Resources for Pillows and Herbs


One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we christened reality
is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.”  Salvador Dali


The Divine HumanWe are all aspects of the Divine, and thus we have within us the Divine Spark of God. Yet at this moment we are busy having lives in the Worlds of Form in order to gain both experience and knowledge. While we have chosen to come into the Worlds of Form willingly, once we are here, most of us forget that we are immortal Souls who have come from these Higher Realms, or that we have the ability to visit these Realms while still living in the physical body.

Yet it is inherent in our nature to want to reunite with our Creator. We long to return to the heavenly realms and to a place of union, knowledge, light and love. These Realms can be called “the Real,” for in truth when we are there, this world we live in now seems more like the Dream; that world of Light is the true Reality.

But through the power of Out of Body Travel, Soul Travel, and Lucid Dreaming, each of us can learn to travel into these Realms now and experience these Higher Dimensions for ourselves. Many of the teachings of our religious cultures keep us in the dark about this innate Soul ability, thus we remain trapped and confused, unable to remember who we really are. We forget there is a way out of our uncertainty – a way that can lead to freedom and Self Realization.

Astral Travel when we sleepWhen we are children, we often have glimpses of these other worlds. Some children speak in languages that their parents do not know; some children play with invisible friends or Spirit Guides; others glimpse the future or the past, or hear the music in the wind or in nature. As children we travel easily into this Land of Dreams, but we have little support from our parents or from our society to actively develop these gifts.

Then overtime we forget who we are. We take on the values and conditioning of our parents. Growing up we adopt the belief systems that lead us into a world of struggle, materialism, and financial and emotional survival. We fall into the confusion of our cultures. We forget this connection with our wise childhood selves, and begin to focus on money, achievement, sex, love and status, because this is what we have been told to do. We want to make our parents proud. We believe that  what those in authority have told us is the most important thing, is the most important thing, and somewhere along the way we forget our true Selves. Yet the people who have taught us have also forgotten who they really are. They have forgotten that we are spiritual beings who are trying to “enlighten matter”, and then make our way back home. Our job is to awaken inside the Worlds of Matter and to bring more light into the Worlds of Form; to spiritualize these worlds with our consciousness and our actions.

What can help us to find our direction and remember ourselves?

Our dreams. Dreams are the connection between the physical world and our real identities as Souls.  Our Dreams act like a GPS System guiding us, informing us, and encouraging us to extract the original instructions for why we came to Earth in the first place.



  • Find our Direction in Life
  • Connect with our Subconscious and Stay in Touch with our Feelings
  • Connect with our Higher Selves and our Guides
  • Remember Who we are at the Soul Level
  • Recall our Memories of other Lifetimes, and of the Higher Planes
  • Connect with the Other Dimensions and Meet Spiritual Teachers
  • Study in the Inner Realms
  • Gain Access to the Akashic Planes
  • Connect us to our Missions; our purpose for being here
  • Send Information to help us stay on our Path
  • Answer the Questions:   “Where did I come from? Where am I going?  Why am I here?”




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