Spiritual Consultation Sessions

“Mankind is a weaver who, from the wrong side, works upon the carpet of time.
One day he will see the right side of the carpet, and will understand the splendor of the pattern
that he has woven with his own hands through the centuries, whilst seeing naught but a tangle of string.

–  Alphonse de Lamartine


Many people come to Tricia not only for her clairvoyant readings and healings, but to gain a higher perspective about their lives. While she is not clinically trained as a psychotherapist, her clairvoyant abilities give her a deep and penetrating insight into nearly every emotional dilemma that life can deliver.

Over the past thirty years she has discovered that many of us are held back by past traumas, beliefs or oppressive energies stored in the subconscious reaches of our mind. Some of these blocks are created in this lifetime, and some come from earlier incarnations. These old injuries act as impediments to our emotional, physical, and financial well being, and can play out in all sorts of ways. They affect our physical heath, our personal relationships, our spirituality, our money and our creativity, as well as our willingness to be seen in the world and receive love.

While most of us would be happy to get rid of such obstacles, these subconscious traumas are not generally accessible to our conscious minds, thus we have no idea how to clear them. Yet we continue to see their debilitating affects in our lives year after year.

Enlightened friendsTricia’s main purpose in her healing practice is to provide clients with insight, balance and personal empowerment. Sometimes this only requires a shift in perspective, which can be accomplished through a reading, a life coach session, or Voice Dialogue session. Sometimes, however, we must go for something deeper: a past or present life hypnosis session that will shift the impeding block; a pulling back of one’s power through Timeline Therapy; a clearing of old beliefs, old vows, or old traumas; and a return to a remembrance of our true state of love, happiness and wellness.

We all have a purpose for which we came to Earth and that destiny often involves the pain and suffering we experienced in our childhoods. This can be called one’s Karma.

But we also have a destiny, a higher mission and a reason that we have come to accomplish. This can be referred to as one’s Dharma, or spiritual service in the world. Often we cannot see this by ourselves, but we need a higher perspective.

Man on his Chosen PathIn an awakened life, we realize that the reasons behind our suffering, or our Karma, can be transformed into our Dharma, our higher calling when we are committed to healing ourselves. Then we can shift our perspectives into a higher arena. In this way, we each can discover our life’s purpose.

As someone who has read the soul histories of over 6000 individuals across the world, and helped many of them to remember who they truly are, let me assure you that we are all unique expressions of the Divine.

If you are in a place where you would like your life to change, to bring more insight, cohesion or understanding into your world, we invite you to call us. I promise you a compassionate, empowering and illuminating experience, and perhaps the opportunity to connect a little more deeply with the divine being that you are.


The Charge is $300 for 2 hours and $100 for each additional hour (or $50 for an additional half hour)

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