Anunnaki Gods & Tree of Life Course

Anunnaki Gods & Tree of Life Course

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Tree of Life, Anunnaki Gods &
The Way of the Return Online Course

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The Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a Universal Symbol found in Every Culture of Our World:
Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Olmec, Mayan, Persian, East Indian, Native American,
Buddhist, Freemason, Jewish, Arabic and Christian.

But What is the Tree of Life Exactly?

In this Incredible Course You Will Learn what Legend tells us about the Real Tree of Life and its Amazing Powers.

Discover Why all the great World Saviors of all times are perennially linked to the Tree of Life. 

Explore How the Tree of Life is connected to the Goddess, the White Horse, and the Divine Feminine.  

Receive a deeper Understanding of the Cosmic Serpent that Governs the Cycles of the Universe,
and glimpse the real meaning behind this powerful hermetic symbol.   

Learn techniques for activating your dormant Spiritual Powers and inner Tree of Life.

Begin the Alchemical Process of the Lightning Path Journey to Mastery.

Explore how the Tree of Life is tied to the Rainbow Bridge and how you can learn to travel it. 

Be introduced to the History of the Anunnaki Gods whose knowledge and technology are the stuff of legends.

Discover why the Tree of Life is central to Mastering the Path of Enlightenment we seek today.

This Powerful Seven Part Course Includes:

  • 4.5+ hours of visually stunning videos personally taught by Tricia McCannon.
  • 100’s of illustrations, paintings, and maps detailing the many expressions of the Tree of Life
  • 100’s of little known historical facts about the Tree of Life and how it’s expressed across cultures.
  • Hermetic symbolism and esoteric knowledge of this universal symbol.
  • Deep spiritual wisdom explained. Yes, you will understand what you have always felt!
  • Separate audio transcripts of all videos for ease of listening on the go.
  • Immediate access to the course to begin your journey.
  • All materials downloadable for you to enjoy and learn at your leisure.



The Magical Tree of LifeClass One:  The Tree of Life’s Symbology Across the World

The Tree of Life is one of the most universal, enigmatic and beloved spiritual symbols in the world. It is known and celebrated by cultures as diverse as the Celts, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Norse, the Persians, the Hindus, the Hebrews and the Christians.  Yet what is the Tree of Life exactly? What does legend tell us about its powers, and why is the discovery of the Tree crucial to the Path of Enlightenment we seek today?.

The Goddess & the Tree of LifeClass Two:  The Goddess, World Saviors & the Tree of Life

For centuries the Tree of Life has been linked to the lives of the great World Saviors, both male and female. Osiris, Jesus, Krishna, Mithra, Phanes, and Quetzalcoatl all have the Tree of Life woven into their missions. But why?  What does this symbology tell us about the Path of Mastery that each of us must take? How is it linked to the Goddess of Creation, the White Horse and the Sacred Feminine? In this powerful presentation we take you into the heart of the Mystery itself to discover critical clues to the Tree’s real meaning. 


The Cosmic SerpentClass Three:  The Spiral and the Great Cosmic Serpent

Integral to the symbology of the Tree of Life itself, is the great Cosmic Serpent. But is this a Serpent of good or evil? In most traditions the Serpent is a force for great good, for it holds all the answers to the riddle of the Tree. In the Abrahamic traditions the Serpent was transformed into the enemy, or seducer of mankind.  But a deeper understanding of the Cosmic Serpent that governs the cycles of the Universe, allow us to glimpse some of the real meaning behind this powerful hermetic symbol. Where did the Serpent’s wisdom first come from, and how has its meaning been perverted to prevent human beings from attaining Eternal Life? This powerful installment of secrets unravels some of the greatest Mysteries of the ages and gives you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Activating our DNAClass Four: The Personal Tree of Life & the Activation of the DNA

Just as there is a Cosmic Tree of Life and a Planetary Tree of Life, there is also a Personal Tree of Life. All three are tied to the Path of Wisdom that teaches immortality. But what is our personal Tree of Life and how can we activate it today? How is this Tree linked to awakening of our spiritual gifts and the potential hidden in our DNA?  This fourth installment brings you techniques for understanding and activating your dormant spiritual powers as well as your inner Tree of Life.


Anunnaki Gods & Tree of LifeClass Five:  Anunnaki Gods, the Holy Grail and the Tree of Life

Who first brought the Tree of Life to planet Earth? Who knew it gave Eternal Life? Who taught the meaning of the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life and the 7-fold Leaf of Life to the first initiates? How is the Tree connected to the Quest for the Holy Grail and the teachings of the Masters? How can we unearth this wisdom today? This installment introduces us to the history of the Anunnaki gods who once walked this planet and whose knowledge and technology are the stuff of legends today.


The Rainbow BridgeClass Six:  Rainbow Bridge, the Kabbalah & the Ladder to Heaven

The mystical Kabbalah is the esoteric path taught to ancient initiates, yet like many ancient teachings, it is full of powerful secrets. This installment brings clarity and ease to the decoding the Tree of Life’s secrets. What is the real meaning of the Kabbalah? How is it linked to the Serpent path? How is it a symbol for initiation, rising above duality and embodying Unity consciousness? How is the Tree of Life linked to the Rainbow Bridge and other planets and how can we learn to travel it?


Alchemy & MasteryClass Seven: Alchemy of the Elements & the Path of Mastery

Understanding a Path of spiritual Mastery is not the same as attaining it. In this last powerful installment we share the knowledge of personal Alchemy that was once taught by the High Initiates to their students. This Alchemy knowledge gives us the tools we need to attain the Tree of Life and begin the Lightning Path journey to Mastery.




“Beautiful images convey the deep and rich symbology of our path to mastery, and Trish’s explanations are easy to follow as well as informative and wise.” – Jennifer Gehl


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