Vows, Curses & Bindings

Vows, Curses & Bindings

“Clearing Your Life of Old Patterns
for Joy, Success and Prosperity”

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
then there will be true peace.” 
– Sri Chin Moi

Often I have found that second or third sessions are focused on lifting the burden of deeper issues like health, karmic relationships, or energies that are stuck in one’s personal energy field. This process of clearing out old energies can include the five most common blocks to moving forward in your life, including the lifting of Vows, Bindings (or Cords), Curses, Old Soul Contracts that no longer work for us, and the Erroneous Belief Systems from our past that have caused a deep level of emotional trauma, whether in this life or another.

Trained in over seven different healing modalities, from Hypnosis to Past Life Regressions, Voice Dialogue to Holographic Repatterning, Timeline Therapy to Soul Retrieval, I clear a variety of emotional, mental and spiritual impediments.

Understandably, any given Healing/Clearing Session is unique for each individual. To accomplish a healing, we must first do a general session to determine where (or how) you might have gotten blocked in your life, and the underlying cause behind the blockage. While readings can be scheduled over the phone by sending a photograph or two of yourself in an envelope with your name and phone number and a check, healing and energetic clearing must be done in person. This is because these blocks exist in multiple levels of your physical and subtle bodies, and must be cleared at each of these levels.

Clients report that these types of clearing are extremely life changing, shifting the old negative stuck energy in powerful, but subtle ways, so that suddenly anything is possible.

This kind of powerful healing work almost always requires somewhere between 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I charge a flat fee of $300 for the session because I have found that having a set price eliminates the stress from the client if they are taking a bit longer to melt away these old obstacles. For more information, feel free to call me and chat, or simply schedule a reading and we’ll go from there.


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