Galactic Alignment Speaking Series

Galactic Alignment Speaking Series


The Galactic Alignment speaking series focuses on the great world changes being brought about as one Great Age ends and another one begins. It also focuses on the evolution of consciousness happening among human beings today as we begin to awaken from our spiritual slumber and consider who we are and where we are going in the Universe.  Approaches to understanding this evolutionary jump can be viewed in a number of ways, including discovering the profound esoteric wisdom of the Tree of Life, the Star Mysteries of the Precession of the Zodiac, and beginning to chart the Landscape of the Inner Planes.

In recent years, we have heard stunning revelations about the end of the Age of Pisces, echoed in the visions of Nostradamus, the prophecies of Edgar Cayce and the teachings of the Mayan and Hopi Indian tribes. All of these point to a time of great transition for all of the people on Earth in the coming years ahead. Yet have there been cycles like this before in the past? What has catalyzed them and how did we weather the storms? What does the geologic history of Earth’s past tell us about the nature of such transitions, and how can we hope to survive them? What is the spiritual purpose behind such world-wide changes, and what areas of the world are safe? This series of mind blowing visual presentations reveal evidence for the vast and sweeping changes going on within our own solar system, and consider the probable consequences of these changes that are soon to affect everything around us.



Galactic Alignment & the Age of AquariusHow is Consciousness created and how does it return to the Source? How do the vast Cycles of God’s Timepiece work, and how does it change the way we perceive the Universe? The Ancients knew that there were Time Lords, vast deities that rule the cycles of human evolution and planetary progress. Virtually every culture of the world has spoken out about these vast Time Cycles, and the rising and setting of the Ages, including the cultures of Greece, China, Egypt, Mayan, Hawaiian, Norse, Jewish, Christian and East Indian.

Their wisdom tells us not only about the larger cycles of the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron Ages, but about the smaller ages within each one of them. Who we are in one Age is profoundly different from who we are in another; that time moves in a circle, not a line, and that events that have happened in the past, will happen again as our Solar System makes its way around the Center of the Galaxy.

This ancient knowledge is particular crucial for us today as we stand at the end of one Age and the brink of another. Most of us feel this change coming, even if we don’t know what is causing it. We see it in the weather patterns changing all around us, and the mania of the Christian and Islamic fundamentalists who are convinced that we are in the Last Days. But what is the deeper Truth behind these events and prophecies? What is the science behind this Cosmic Clockwork?

Using the latest in scientific discoveries, come discover our connection with Sirius, Orion and Nibiru, and how the seeding of the planet took place long ago.This visually stellar journey through the Solar System and the Cosmos will help to unravel many of the religious and spiritual Mysteries of the Past, touch your heart and illuminate your spirit.



Mystical teachings throughout the ages have spoken of the Tree of Life found within virtually every culture of the world. But what is the Tree of Life and how does it relate to every one of us? How is this knowledge connected with the Keys to Ascension, with the ancient prophets of the Bible, and with the power of Jesus?

How is the Tree linked to the Divine Mother, Egyptian wisdom, the Jewish Kabbalah and the alchemical processes sought by Magicians throughout the centuries? What are the Five Elements and the Four Sacred Hallows, Hallows immortalized by the Harry Potter series? How are these “mythical” objects entwined with the lives of each and every one of us today?

This visually gorgeous presentation takes us through a marvelous labyrinth of cultures and wisdom teachings, illuminating the beauty and depth of the true Tree of Life, and charting a roadmap back to the Divine – a road map that can lead us the Source of Life itself.



Who are we as a Soul and where did we come from? What is the nature of our human Soul, and how are we connected with the Angels? What is our purpose in coming to Earth, and how can we regain our Eagle’s Vision to fly above the landscape of our lives and find life’s answers?

This beautiful visual odyssey takes you on a journey into the breathtaking landscapes of the Higher Worlds and examines our Genesis Matrix, the place where we each first began. It charts our progress through the Angelic Realms into the worlds of forgetfulness, where we fall under the illusion that we are alone, unworthy or abandoned by the Creator – all masks that the Ego wears to keep from remembering our Divine and Eternal Selves. Derived from the wisdom gained in over 6000 personal Soul Readings made with individuals on four continents, including people as diverse as Congressmen, Mayors, ministers, mothers, healers and warriors, this deeper understanding of who we really are will forever change the way that you look at the unfolding of your own life choices.



For hundreds of years it seems that mankind has been trying to remember itself, to sort out the mishmash of legends, myths and facts that surround our human origins. Anthropology, history, archaeology, geology, astronomy and genetics are only some of the many tools we have developed to try to penetrate the mysteries of who we are and how the Human Race arrived on Planet Earth.

This presentation gives an in depth look into the Cycles of Precession and the Four Great Ages of Mankind overlaid with the 12 Ages of the Zodiac and the alignments to specific stars that open the doors of Mankind’s Enlightenment and how it interfaces with the most ancient Egyptian Wisdom. Join us as we take you on an amazing voyage behind the scenes, penetrating the writings of the Sumerian Cuneiform Texts, as well as ancient and recent astronomical and archeological discoveries. Discover our connections with Sirius, Orion and the planet called Nibiru, and get a glimpse into the deepest Mysteries of the Ages!