The Wonderful World of Plants

The Wonderful World of Plants

The Wonderful World of Plants

FIRST LEVEL LESSON #7:  166 pages

The Wonderful World of Plants takes us into the incredible Wheels of the botanical kingdom, a complex and multidimensional realm that includes the healing power of Herbs, the Celtic Triads of healing, the wisdom once well understood in earlier centuries behind the esoteric meanings of Flower giving, as well as reviewing the  Three Flowers of Ascension long associated with self realization and God Awakening.

In this Course we will also learn about the subtle energies of the devic plant realm, the sacred geometry of this realm, and the intelligence of plant spirits. We will also find out about the ancient tree and herb lore of the Druids, which includes the healing herbs of the Celtic Triads, as well as the Tree Alphabet of Ogham going back over three thousand years.  We also learn the similarities between the human kingdom and the Tree Kingdom, and touch briefly on the Tree of Life, a subject so large that it deserves its own separate discourse.

In a separate section we also take a look at the wisdom of the Native American shamans, discovering the Four Sisters of healing, the art, practice and principles behind smudging, and the history of tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet-grass.  Then, on a practical food level we have included a compendium on edible trees, medicinal plants, aroma therapies, and herbal remedies that can be easily learned and applied in your daily life. Whether you are merely looking to expand your understanding of the plant kingdom, grow your own food, live off the land, become a healer, or begin to work with aromatherapy and medicinal healing plants, this is an excellent class at many levels of mastery.

The Wonderful World of Plants
Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • The Flower of Life and the Mandala
  • The Sacred Geometry of Flowers
  • The Spiritual Kingdom of Plant Spirits
  • Illustration: The Medicine Wheel of the Plant Kingdom
  • The Medicine Wheels of the Plant Kingdom
  • The Law of Similars
  • The Physical Role of Plants in Our World
  • Salad Herbs
  • Magical Tea Plants for the Garden
  • The Celtic Triads
  • Essential Oils: The Essential Seven
  • Three Flowers of Ascension: The Rose, the Lily, the Lotus
  • A Quick Compendium of Plants and Their Spiritual Meanings
  • The Beingness of Trees
  • The Power of Trees
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Parts that Make the Whole
  • We Are Much Like Trees
  • Celtic Tree Lore and the Ogham Script
  • Celtic Trees and the Meaning
  • Wild Edible Trees and Plants
  • Medicinal Trees and Plants
  • A Reminiscence of Gathering Wild Plants
  • The Catalyst Plants: Wine, Mead, Marijuana

The Wonderful World of Plants

Making Essential OilsWelcome to the second in the four-part series on the Wheels of the Native American Twisted Hair Tradition. This series includes the Wheels of the Mineral Kingdoms, Plant Kingdoms, Animal Kingdoms, and Human Kingdoms, placing each of these elements in the Sacred Circle of the four directions, plus the catalyst power of the Center. These four discourses are part of twelve lessons that complete the FIRST LEVEL of the PHOENIX FIRE MYSTERY SCHOOL: THE ORDER OF THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE.

 In the development of organic life, the Plant Kingdom came first. It developed before the animals were made, and certainly before human beings. Plants evolved in the oceans first, growing out of the development of the plankton in the oceans and the development of bacteria. This plankton and seaweed is still our foundation that supports life on Earth. Then plants made their way onto the land, drawing their nourishment from the soils of the Mineral Kingdoms and the waters. Thus the Plant Kingdom has had millions of years to diversify itself into the tens of thousands of individual energies we know as plants today. Each one has its own attendant purpose or purposes. They not only cloak our hillsides, and decorate our gardens, but they sustain us in every possible way from our daily intake of food to the medicines and herbs that line our shelves, and provide the spices for our foods.

Some plants heal, while others poison. Some plants grow straight and tall, while others wind their way with serpentine precision around arbors, fence posts, and trellises, moving into symbiotic relationships with their environments. Some plants yield fruit, while others only share their blossoms. Plants are often interdependent, not only on the soils and sunlight and waters that nourish them, but on the shade of other plants like trees, and on the insects that pollinate them every year in Spring.

Plants are Sun worshippers. They love light. They inhale the life sustaining energies of the Sun and drink them in, using this energy to transform the water and mineral kingdoms in their bodies to chlorophyll. Many plants like the Sunflower or the Morning Glory open only in the morning when the Sun arrives, closing inward at the end of the day.

Herbs with pestle & mortarThe remarkable Sunflower that produces seeds and oils for human consumption, raises its head at dawn each day when the Sun crowns the eastern horizon. All day long it follows the path of the Sun as it crosses the sky. Then in evening, as the Sun departs, these lovely flowers bow their heads in gratitude, at peace and at rest until the Sun awakens them the next day at dawn.

While the study of plants is a subject so vast that one could devote many lifetimes to it, and still be humbled by its breadth, this discourse is designed to act as an opening into this amazing world. In it you will begin to discover information about the physical properties of plants and their construction, how they differ from the animal kingdom, as well as learning something about the various kingdoms they belong to. You will also discover the sacred template of geometry upon which the plant kingdom is built. Just as the Mineral Kingdom is created on a six-sided axis, reflecting the six petals of the Flower of Life, the Plant Kingdom also has a specific matrix in which it expresses itself in the divine blueprint.

This discourse is basically divided into the various sections of the Medicine Wheel, with a separate section dedicated to the Herb Kingdom, the Flower Kingdom, the Tree Kingdom, and the Catalyst Kingdoms found at the center of the Wheel. Sprinkled throughout each section is wisdom from the Celtic, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Native American wisdom traditions.

You will discover not only the Four Sacred Sisters precious to the Native Americans, sage, cedar, tobacco, and sweet grass, but the Triads of the Celts, who organized their herbs into important categories, some for healing, some for prophecy, and some for poisons.

Natural Medicine HerbsYou will discover the ways the Masters viewed the various energetic properties of trees, flowers, herbs and plants, introducing you to a whole new way of thinking about herbs. Not only are they used to spice our foods and peak our culinary tastes, but herbs can be used in teas, tinctures, baths, liniments, decoctions, and healing home remedies.

Finally, in the last section of this discourse, you will learn about the catalyst Medicine Plants. These plants pull back the veils to the Other Worlds, and were created to induce higher states of consciousness in human beings, so that we could learn how vast the universe really is, and begin to cultivate these states in meditation when we return. These plants should only be taken in a sacred manner, for they open the doors of perception to the Inner Realms. These include plants like peyote, magic mushrooms, mescaline, and ayahuasca.

Hopefully this discourse will help to awaken you to the subtle and intelligent properties of the plants, and open you to beginning to work with them in your daily life. We trust this journey will spark your interest, and begin you on a path to discovering and embracing the Wonderful World of Plants.

Blessings Be, Tricia White Dove


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