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“WHAT IS A MYSTERY?” (5 minutes)




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Footprints of the Divine Mother (31 minutes) – $5.99

An Overview of the true history of the Divine Feminine Face of God during the first 200,000 years of life on planet Earth when God was considered to be Female, the Mother and Source of all life and creation. This powerful presentation, recorded in the studio with original music, is based completely on history, archaeology, and anthropological evidence, as we track the roots of our religions and societies back to the beginning. It covers the shift in world consciousness as we began to move into a more aggressive, violent patriarchal society, how the face of the Divine Mother became fractured and then obscured, and how we must come back into balance today for our world to heal.



Gods and Goddesses & the Power of Archetype (40 minutes) – $5.99

This powerful audio presentation, recorded in the studio with original music, addresses the Power of Archetype and its role in Universal Consciousness or the Mind of God. Based on the seminal teachings of the great philosophers and psychologists Plato, Jung and Joseph Campbell, who wrote at length about the nature of the inner personalities, the gods and goddesses, the journey of the Hero, and the spiritual beings who oversee our world, this powerful audio presentation examines how these various Archetypes live within us and how they can completely transform our lives.




Jesus & the Power of Hermetics (33 minutes) – $5.99

jesus hermeticsThe writings of the Apostles tell us that Jesus taught everything in a Mystery, and that he used metaphor, myth, parable and symbols to convey his teachings. In fact one of the foremost means of conveying the secret information taught within the great Mystery Schools about the nature of Higher Reality was through the use of hermetic symbols. This language is called Hermetics, and it is has been called the Secret Language of the Soul for it encodes certain key wisdom from the higher levels that cannot be conveyed in words.

This lovely audio presentation was recorded in the studio with original music. It is a short, but fabulous introduction to this intriguing subject that gives us profound insight into how these signs and symbols are used as codes and keys for leading us into the doorways of higher consciousness.


Galactic Gateway, Prophecy & Earth Changes (50 minutes) – $6.99

What is happening in the world today with the many Earth Changes we see all around us? The passing of Nibiru, the potential of a Pole Shift, tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes? How is this related to the changing of the Ages, and the movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes? How is it connected to the Mayan Prophecies and the alignment with the Center of the Galaxy? How do our predictions compare with that of other generations and what is their reality?

This well researched presentation discusses the role that the many cycles of time play in human evolution, the role of prophecy in earlier times among Christians a thousand years ago, and the Galactic Alignments that are happening in our world today that are slowly, but surely, transforming our society and our thinking.