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Thanks for tuning In. With the recent surge in technology, we decided to partner with Neil Gaur at PORTAL TO ASCENSION, and create a series of Wonderful New WEBINARS that you can sign up to watch at anytime. While we’ve spoken at several ON-LINE CONFERENCES as a guest speaker, in 2017  we are starting our own series of exciting Stand Alone Seminars. As each scheduled event takes place, it will be archived so that you or your friends may go back and watch it from the beginning. Most of these events are 3 hours in length and cost $33, although in some cases, the webinar may be only two. As with all my presentations, they are rich with history, science, and ancient hidden knowledge about everything from the Great Spiritual Mysteries, to the Hidden History of the Planet. Below is a Listing of the Webinars we’ve Already Archived.

This list will grow as we do more.

To watch them, just go to



Each 3 Hours in Length

Angels, Anunnaki & ET Visitations
Antarctica & Advanced Ancient Civilizations
Atlantis – Discovering the Lost Civilization
Blueprint of the Soul
Giants, Fairies & Strange Archaeology
Mary Magdalene and the Divine Sophia
Mayan Prophecy & The Fifth Sun
Prophecies, the Cycles of Time & Galactic Alignment
UFO’s in the World Today