The Christian Mysteries

The Christian Mysteries


Jesus the ShepherdJesus, the Nazarene, has been perhaps the most influential figure of the past 2000 years, but was he in fact from a far longer line of spiritually evolved “Shepherd Kings” who oversee humanity? What is the link behind the concept of the Four Great Kumaras or “Sons of God” spoken about in the Vedas, and the existence of these divine avatars? What evidence is there that these Higher consciousness beings watch over the human race, returning to Earth from age to age to uplift world consciousness? And perhaps even more importantly, will they be returning soon?

In the East the Buddha taught that this eternal being was called the Divine Purusha, the selfless being whose essence pervades the Universe. By what signs is this being most frequently known, and what do these symbols signify? How do their secret codes relate to the Tree of Life, the Rod of Power, the knowledge of Genetics, the Egyptian Ankh and the Christian Cross? How is their coming linked with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the change of the Ages? And perhaps more importantly, is it possible that one of these Four Kumaras could be returning to Earth today?

This profound presentation links together the esoteric spiritual traditions of the Sons of God that pass throughout history as a Golden Thread, woven in many 

modern and ancient cultures. Ptah, Thoth, Osiris, Mithra, Horus, Serapis & Jesus are only some of these amazing God-Men who have come to oversee 

Mankind’s evolution, acting as divine Protectors for the Human Race.

Come join us as we explore the Mysteries of the Shepherd Kings — entering into the very heart of the deepest Mysteries of all! We promise, this is one show you won’t want to miss!




Jesus in IndiaThis profoundly inspiring presentation is the perfect introduction to the secret life of Jeshua ben Joseph, better known to us as the Master Jesus, and his many years of training in the great spiritual Mysteries. Quickly chronicling what is commonly known about his life from gospel accounts, we realize that we only know about his birth, temple visit at age twelve, and then the start of his ministry many years later. More than 30 years of his life is missing. This opens the door to begin to explore the Great White Brotherhood hypothesis, a theory, that when revealed, suddenly brings many of the confusing Mysteries of early Christianity to light.

DVD Brotherhood of LightToday most of us have little or no knowledge that for thousands of years before Jesus was born, there had long been a network of powerful spiritual initiates in the world. These dedicated sages had long preserved the spiritual technologies earned by mankind in earlier stages of civilization, and passed them down to worthy candidates in a systematized course of study within the confines of the great Mystery Schools. These initiates were the ancient priests and priestess of many great paths, and for centuries they screened their students carefully before admitting them to the inner realms of knowledge. They understood that when scientific knowledge outstrips spiritual maturity, as it has done in our age, imbalance usually occurs. And when this imbalance goes unchecked long enough, as it has in the world that we inhabit, it can result in vast devastation for the world.

Thus we begin our journey into a discovery of just who and what the Great White Brotherhood was, what it taught, and how it is profoundly linked with the life, mission, and teachings of the great Master Jesus. This wonderful, uplifting presentation is a perfect introduction into the structure of the Mysteries and how it is reflected in his work.




Jesus travels EastJesus is perhaps the most mysterious, enigmatic spiritual figure of all time. As the Master of masters, there have been countless miracles attributed to him; wars fought in his name; countries decimated; and hundreds of books, articles and edicts written in his name.

But who was this profound master and what do we really know about him? Aside from the stories of the Nativity in the Gospels, the only record of his life in the canonical gospels is when he was twelve years old; then later during the three years of his ministry. So where was he during those many “missing” years unchronicled in the New Testament? Who were his teachers and how was he connected with the mystical order of the Nazarites and the Essenes? Where did he travel and how was he linked to the great Mystery traditions being taught in Egypt, Greece and the middle east? How was he connected with the Great White Brotherhood, and the circle of avatars who had come before him?

This riveting presentation is based on accounts taken from the Vatican Library, the Nag Hammadi texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and several other “lost” gospels that have come to light in the last few decades. It is the first of two parts that takes us on an exciting visual odyssey through the little known, highly developed cultures of the ancient Druids, and the eastern Brahmins and Buddhists of India. In Part II we journey with Jesus and the Magi to the Cave of Bokhara to learn the mysterious Star Mysteries of Persia, coming finally to the Motherland of the Mysteries themselves, ancient Egypt. Historically documented, and well-supported by the book Jesus: the Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions, this profoundly honoring presentation can be coupled with THE LOST YEARS – PART II, THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF JESUS, THE RETURN OF THE CHRIST AND THE SHEPHERD KINGS, or stand alone.






Jesus MeditatingJoin us as we pick up the second part of the saga of Jesus’ lost years, journeying with him to Persia, the land of the Magi and the mysterious Cave of Bokhara; a place where the Star Mysteries of Zervan, or Boundless Time, were taught. These Mysteries revealed the periodic return of the divine Purusha, the selfless Son of God who returns from Age to Age to uplift mankind. Discover how these Mithric teachings are reflected in the sacred rites of the Christian Eucharist, the twelve apostles, and the powerful initiatic symbols of the lion, the dove, the Holy Mother, and eagle, all found in Christianity today.

Next, travel with Jesus to ancient Egypt and the golden city of Heliopolis, long known as the City of the Sun. Anu or On, as it was called in the Bible, was the spiritual center of the Great White Brotherhood in that part of the world – sages who had awaited on his coming for over 500 years, and oversaw the fulfillment of his mission. Discover why the 13,000 priest/priestess/astronomers of Heliopolis were considered the master teachers of esoteric wisdom. Learn the precise science that allowed Jesus to activate not only the seven subtle energy bodies taught by other world theologies, a science that allowed him to heal the sick and command the elements, but learn about the two additional energy systems revealed to Jesus during his seven years of study in Egypt. The mastery of this deeper knowledge is what allowed him to attain the resurrection of the body, and appear to his apostles in various forms for months following the Crucifixion.

This riveting presentation is the second of a two-part Series on “THE LOST YEARS OF JESUS”. It is part of a four-part series that reveals Jesus as the Adam Kadmon, or celestial archetype of the perfected god-man.





Jesus the Light BringerThe Master Jesus is perhaps the most mysterious, enigmatic, and best beloved spiritual figure of all time, yet today many Christians only know about the teachings that were attributed to him in the four canonical gospels of the New Testament. Yet over the past hundred years there have been over 60 separate Gnostic books that have come to light, including the famous Nag Hammadi Texts and Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1945 and 1947. These include the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas, The Sophia of Jesus the Christ, and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Many of these gospels reveal a far deeper level to the teachings of Jesus than we have previous known, or been led to believe in the more public Synoptic Gospels. And as these books have come to light it has opened a conversation among scholars and theologians about the deeper wisdom that was taught by the early Gnostics – Christians who transmitted a gnosis (or knowing) of the real Mysteries taught by Jesus.

In addition, there are now many books found within the Vatican that have been brought by missionaries traveling in the Far East. These books include writings of the living Jesus, and speak openly about the existence of reincarnation, the sacred nature of women, and the fact that we do not need a priest or rabbi to “intercede” between us and God. They reveal an inner knowledge of the Mysteries that places what we do know about Jesus, into a whole new context.

This riveting presentation is one in a four part series on Jesus, and marks the culmination of many years of research in tracing the wisdom of the great teacher who was Jesus through the Mystery Schools of the sages and avatars who came before him.