Overview: Return of the Divine Sophia

Overview: Return of the Divine Sophia


Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings
of Jesus, Isis and Mary Magdalene


Called through her dreams by the Priestesses of Isis, Tricia McCannon set out on a spiritual journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess, discovering a forgotten age when the Creator was honored as female and humanity lived in peace. In the process she finds herself pulled into a magical world of the ancient Egyptian, Celtic and Goddess Mysteries, and learns about an era of forgotten history when the Creator of the Universe was thought to be female. This powerful realization is supported by recent discoveries in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and linguistics, that reveal a time in human history going back some 200,000 years when God was considered to be a Goddess.

As we enter the world of shamanic Mysteries, discovering the remnants of our ancient past, Tricia McCannon goes in search of how and when the Divine Feminine got lost in human history, and how this loss has put us on a path of global destruction in our world today. We enter the realm of the Old Testament to learn that the Divine Male and Female were once honored together before the world fell out of balance. We learn about the Lost Teachings of Jesus who spoke openly about the Divine Abba/Amma, or Father and Mother God, before his teachings were edited.

Sacred Marriage Jesus & Mary MagdaleneFinally we come to discover the existence of these same divine principles which incarnate as the Divine Son and Daughter, whose name has long been Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. These two aspects of God incarnate in the world from Age to Age. And we come to learn that Mary Magdalene was an incarnation of Sophia, just as Yeshua was an incarnation of the holy Son. We discover the prophecies that they made about the Return of the Divine Sophia in our times, and how her coming has the power to transform our planet and reinstate the Christ Consciousness in the world.

This powerful, life changing book allows us to recognize how so many of the imbalances we perceive in our world today are linked this suppression and to realize that each of us has a choice: we may continue on our path of destruction or choose to move into the future as the wonderful beings of light we truly are. This next step in our evolution is Homo Luminous, the fully enlightened human being. This is the Path of Awakening taught by both Jesus and Mary Magdalene as they sought to reestablish a new age of peace, equality and balance.

This beautiful inspiring book takes us on a journey into the Heart of Earth Healing. It is an adventure story of discovery about how each of us can begin to bring balance back to our world. Absorbing, and visually beautiful,  through its pages we begin to uncover the hidden history of the human race… and the possibilities for a future of harmony and balance.


An Introduction 


Return of the Divine SophiaToday, perhaps more than any other time in human history, we are seeing the rebirth of a unity consciousness that incorporates many ancient streams of knowledge with the desire to write a new destiny for the human race. This rekindling of ancient wisdom with modern day mysticism is being brought about by the quest to bring a deeper meaning into a world that seems to have lost it; a fast-paced, materialistic world that seems to be obsessed with violence, death, and killing. Perhaps one of the reasons this resurgence is needed is because we can see how badly the world needs balance. We feel it personally in the stress of our daily lives, the imbalance of our relationships, and the ecological crisis of the Earth herself.

Yet in the midst of this chaos there is a new kind of human being born, a being that I call homo luminous; a man or woman of inner light who may perhaps be the next step in our evolution as a species. These are people who yearn to create the type of world where war, pollution, and struggle are a thing of the past; who have an innate sense of the sacredness of life and are committed to finding a way back to it. If you are reading this book, you may be one of these people. As forerunners to this more enlightened kind of human, we seek to move past the distractions in our outer world to find a more eternal Truth. We want to transcend the chaos of our heavy-handed politics, our materially co-opted media, our patriarchal religions, and the dysfunctional patterns of our relationships that have been handed down by our families. We are people who search for the beautiful, the true and the eternal. These luminous human beings know that in order to bring a new and better world into being, they must somehow align with these more eternal principles, if the world we are living in now is to ever heal.

But discovering what has caused this imbalance in the world is not an easy task. Untangling the strings of history, culture, religion and power is not something generally discussed on the evening news. This book is a journey towards unraveling these elements of cultural belief that have caused us to fall out of rhythm with the Cosmos. By understanding how our past has shaped our present, and how our theological beliefs have programmed our societies, we can then chose whether to continue the path we are on, or rewrite our own destinies.

Jesus on Tau CrossThe ancient Mysteries of the past hold certain keys to recovering this inner balance that can help us to transform our world. These ancient teachings were taught within the great Mystery Schools some 4000 years before the birth of Jesus, and some 400 years after the Crucifixion. These sages saw the Universe as infinitely vast, and also profoundly personal, embracing the concepts of both God Within and God Without, concepts that we now call Immanence and Transcendence. They reconciled the disciplines of philosophy, religion, and science into one unified field, and they honored the Creator of the Universe as the Divine Father and Mother of the All.

At the heart of this wisdom is an inner alchemy that Jesus called the Way. It is a path of integration and transformation that embraces both the divine masculine and feminine within the heart. It is the inner path of Sacred Union taught by Jesus and by Mary Magdalene, but these teachings have also been taught by Thoth, the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt, by sages in Taoism and the Sufi world, and in the Old Religions of the Goddess, with people who lived close to the land and the natural cycles of nature. Intrinsic to the Way is the reclaiming of the Divine Father/Mother God within the heart. This creates a wave of enlightenment for ourselves and our societies… giving us the power to change our world.

Many of these secrets were encoded in the language of sacred myth and story so that they would not be forgotten, yet most of us can no longer translate the meanings behind this symbolism, steeped as we are in a less than enlightened society. It is only now as we embrace the sciences of astronomy, cosmology, genetics, Cosmic Traveler of the Waybiology, and quantum physics that we are really beginning to understand how these “myths” are really founded on deeper truths. This book is a journey into the teachings of the Goddess, the inner alchemy of Union, the wisdom of the Masters, and the path that will lead us back to wholeness as a planet.

As a long time student of these Mysteries, it is my pleasure to take you on a journey into the heart of this wisdom. To do so I must go back to the beginning of my own journey, and the discovery of the divine feminine. I will share parts of my story that will help you to discover a hidden world of wonder, beauty and infinite possibilities… a world that the most famous mystics have taught about in secret. I encourage you to take the journey with an open mind, to consider that the innate imbalance we see in the world around us is the result of something precious we have forgotten, and that must now be remembered. This wisdom lies at the heart of all great religions and its discovery is the path of the true Initiate.