Article: Whole Brain Thinking

Article: Whole Brain Thinking

Think Like a Genius!

balanced yin yang mindWhole Brain Thinking is a smart easy way to begin to access both sides of your brain, using both the logical side of your brain, as well as the intuitive or creative side of the brain. Most of us know that we have a left and a right hemisphere, but did you know that the two sides of our brains process in completely different ways?

The masculine brain is the left hemisphere, and governs the right side of the body. The feminine brain is the right hemisphere and it oversees the left side of the body. As we can observe, most of us are right handed, telling us that that we have grown up in a culture that is predominated by the logical or masculine side of our personalities.

While the male side of us is excellent at working within known limits, it is not able to think outside of the box or find creative solutions easily. That job is left to the feminine side of us, the imaginal brain that governs our ability to receive new creative ideas, open up our intuition, and activate our Emotional Intelligence. This side helps us with our Creativity, Intuition, our Emotional Rapport with other people, our ability to function as part of a team, and our ability to think outside the box.It is the Imaginal Brain that allows us to imagine new possibilities in our lives. 

The Left & Right BrainsBoth sides of the brain are important, and are necessary to have a balanced life, a loving relationship, make a good living, and be grounded in this world.

Think of it in this way. Your Creative Writer is feminine, but the part of you that is the Editor is masculine. This part corrects our spelling, organizes our outlines, and puts it all in the correct format. The part of you that is feminine is able to dance, draw and sing. In fact, she is probably singing in her dreams at the Grammys.

But the part of you that can do math, or solve logistical problems is masculine. It is the logical part. Your Inner Architect is also masculine, while your Inner Interior Decorator, musician, artist and gardener are probably feminine. Yet the one who lays out the plan and figures out the right plants to place where based on sunlight and moisture, is the masculine aspect.  As you can see these two parts need each other, and together they make a perfect duet or garden.

When we learn to awaken both sides of our brain, and we learn to teach them how to work in harmony with one another, then we can begin to access a whole new level of ourselves and our lives. This process is also something that not only allows us to live a happier, fuller life, but one that can awaken the Third Eye – that mystical doorway that allows us to access the Inner Realms. Within the ancient Mystery Religions, spiritual teachers knew and understood this simple, but powerful spiritual technology. It is what Jesus meant when he tells us in the Gospel of Thomas, “When you make the two eyes into one, the inner into the outer [world], the outer into the inner [world], the male into the female and the female into the male, then ye shall see the Kingdom of Heaven.”

man with enlightened mindUnderstanding and activating both sides of the brain so that they talk with one another, not only creates better balance in our life, but can also allow us to awaken and to connect with our Higher Self. This Higher Self is who we really are before we ever came into this world. It is the one that holds the blueprint for what we are meant to accomplish in this lifetime. It knows our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and our challenges, and the reason why we have chosen some of the most difficult lessons to overcome. Connecting with one’s Higher Self cannot be overstated. It is a powerful experience that allows us to begin to live from a more conscious, compassionate and forgiving state of consciousness, opening the door to very meaning of our lives.

Clearly, this spiritual practice is something we should embrace more of today. By developing Whole Brain Thinking we learn to intelligently link both sides of our brain so that they can work and play together in practical, yet creative ways.  In this way we feel grounded, yet tuned in, creative and intuitive, yet capable of functioning logically and intuitively in virtually every crisis life can hand us. And when Whole Brain Thinking is created, practiced and perfected, it can even lead us to discover that we have GENIUS LEVEL THINKING!

If you are interested in learning more, consider taking a look at the teachings offered in the Phoenix Fire Mystery School or our Gnosis Learning Academy, for these are the tools we will need as we enter the 21st Century.