DVD: The Lost Years of Jesus I

DVD: The Lost Years of Jesus I

The Lost Years of Jesus I
2 HR. 1 disc DVD – $20

Jesus is perhaps the most mysterious, enigmatic spiritual figure of all time. Wars have been fought his name; countries decimated, miracles counted, and hundreds of books, articles and edicts issued in his name. But who was he really? What do we really know about him? Aside from the stories of his birth in the Gospels, the only record of his life is when he was twelve, and then when he began his ministry.

Even the length of that is in question; some believe it was one year, others that it was three. Some believe that Jesus began at age 30, others that he was closer to age 45 or 50. So what happened in those many missing years? Where did he travel? What did he learn? Who were his teachers? This riveting presentation is Part One of Two on Jesus, and is the culmination of many years of tracking his personal journey through the Mysteries of the Avatars who came before him.

Tracing perhaps the Greatest Master of all time through his 30 years of missing time, this exciting visual odyssey takes us through the highly developed, and little known cultures of the ancient Druids, the Brahmins and Buddhists of exotic India, the mysterious teachings of the Magi of Persia and finally to the Motherland of the Mysteries themselves, ancient Egypt.

Well-documented, and supported by the book JESUS:THE EXPLOSIVE STORY OF THE 30 LOST YEARS AND THE ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGIONS, this superb presentation can also be coupled with The SECRET TEACHINGS OF JESUS, or stand alone.