Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

The Power of Healing with Past Life Regression,
Soul Retrieval, Timeline Therapy & QHHT


There are many reasons to have a Past Life Regression. First and foremost is self-discovery. Finding out who we are from a clairvoyant or psychic can be very powerful, but visiting there for yourself gives you a totally different kind of experience. Not only can you discover the gifts and abilities that you have acquired through time, but by remembering those lifetimes when you stood in your power, had a successful romantic relationship, or a lifetime of spirituality or creativity, you bring back the confidence and ability to create it again in this lifetime. You get to integrate this prior self with your current self, thus giving you access to more of your own self mastery.

A second reason to have a Past Life Regression is to release or renegotiate Old Contracts, heal old wounds, address old wrongs, and revise old life decisions that have kept you bound in negative repeating patterns. This is very powerful work, for while most of us can see the out picturing of a negative repeating pattern, most of us can’t figure out why it is happening.

Cosmic shadow mindThis is because these patterns exist in the levels of Alpha, Theta or Delta; in other words, the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind, which is the Beta brain state of consciousness, cannot change these patterns on its own. Only by going into the portion of the mind where the original life decisions are stored, can we access and then change the things that no longer work in our lives. This is done through Time Line Therapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and QHHT or Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, a technique pioneered by my dear friend and colleague, Delores Cannon.

Sometimes the emotional trauma that we have experienced in the past is so profound that it can sometimes even seem to shatter a portion of a person’s spirit. With such an event, there is a loss of power, often accompanied by a blocking of access to your other spiritual gifts, affecting things like money, success, relationships, faith, trust, sexuality, creativity and self-esteem. It can also block our access to our spiritual gifts, talents and abilities.

Man in hopelessnessThis kind of enormous wounding of the spirit can permeate our lives. It can be brought on by acts of violence, betrayal, sexual or emotional abuse or even strong moral compromise. And if such an event occurs early in life, or is a carryover from a past life, it can have devastating affects in the way ours lives unfold. Essentially all of these blocks create a loss of power, and that power loss may be coupled with your innocence, your ability to be seen in the world, your ability to speak your truth or allow yourself to succeed, or to come fully into the destiny that is your highest calling.

Symptoms of this kind of blockage can we seen in the struggle or the grace with which we move through life, manifest relationships, create money, or are able to completely inhabit our own happiness and joy in the present moment.

Returning the puzzle piecesDuring the wide range of healing modalities that I use, we gain access to a deeper level of who you really are. You get to meet your guides face to face, and to journey back to the time and place where your lost power to heal and then reclaim that part of yourself that has been left behind. Shamans call this kind of retrieval of the lost portions of ourselves Soul Retrieval because the part of us that has been wounded, lost, or put away has been hidden in the Cave of Lost Souls. There these parts or portions of you waits until the day that you are strong enough to retrieve them. Once you can heal them in their own eras or time periods, then you can integrate these missing pieces of yourself back into who you are, and they can become your some of your strongest allies.

Golden heart of fire

In individual PAST LIFE REGRESSION SESSION, TIMELINE THERAPY or SOUL RETRIEVAL session, usually takes 2 to 3 hours.  I charge a flat fee of $300. Deeply empowering, I have used these techniques to completely shift deep family traumas, sexual traumas, financial blocks, dead-ends in one’s love life, and completely unblock one’s creativity. Such processes can also be used to make contact with lifetimes in which we were happily empowered, married, successful and joyous, giving us a new template that we can reintegrate in our current life for truly Claiming the Power Within. All of this clears old blocks that have sometimes persisted for centuries, and opens our hearts to experience and manifest more of who we really are.

Such work must be done in person, and if you are from out of town, I have frequently had clients fly into Atlanta and stay overnight for a day or two, (either at my house or in a nearby hotel) for a variety of complex and freeing session work.

Simply give me a call and let’s talk about what you need. First, we will schedule a reading over the phone or in person, and from there have a much clearer idea as to how to proceed.


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