Healing Intensives

Healing Intensives

Week Long Intensive


Chakra girl meditating with Rays of LightOver the decades, as Tricia has done readings for people around the world, she began to do healings for people to clear old patterns and traumas from their Past and Present lives. In the beginning these would be sessions scheduled one at a time for people who could come and work with her in person in the Southeastern United States. However in time many people who had had breakthroughs told their friends and then she began to have requests for this kind of healing work from people all around the world.

While scheduling one or two sessions in a day long Intensive for someone flying in from Europe, California, New York, Canada, or Ohio is still very helpful, in many cases it only clear some aspects of a person’s core traumas which often go back many lifetimes.

Thus several years ago Tricia began to offer a week long Healing Intensive to some of her clients that not only went into great depth in clearing their current life issues, but also dissolve many layers, negative belief systems and patterns that are impacting this life, but that originate in our past incarnations. These Healing Intensives are incredibly deep and they clear repetitive patterns in the Subconscious Mind, the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, and open up new pathways in the energetic fields of the body so that we suddenly are able to make and attract different solutions in our life – whether around money, success, opening to our spiritual gifts, attracting a relationship, or stepping into our power.


rewriting the brainThey are a Six Day period of time when a client flies into Atlanta to work with her. You arrive on Day 0, and begin work on Day 1, discovering in our first session what the core cause of your block is, where these blocks are manifested in your physical body and your life, what chakras or energetic centers are impacted as a result, why the Subconscious is keeping the block in place, and the Blueprint for how to clear it. 

Then we begin the Healing work.  Usually the first 2 or 3 sessions are about clearing up the emotional and mental programming of our current life. Then we move on to clearing many lifetimes of karmic debris, traumas, vows, energetic bindings, and past life issues that are blocking us in this life.

As a rule, by Day 6, the day of our last session, we have completed 8, 9 or even 10 sessions. Since each person is unique, the flow of each Intensive is tailored to that person.

In the process of doing the healing work, you are not only clearing the past and the present, but you are also bringing back lost pieces of yourself that helps you to discover more of who you really are as an Eternal Being of Light. This is a powerful aspect of the healing, since we have many gifts and talents that we have developed through the centuries, but these many talents are often hidden from our Conscious Minds.

By rediscovering the journey that you have made as Soul, you are able to reintegrate these abilities and talents so that they are more readily available to you in your present life. The process of Soul Discovery, Healing and Integration is the work of becoming a Master, and the value of this work is powerful and lasting!



Man facing himselfTricia is trained in over 12 different healing modalities and has done this work for over 25 years. These modalities include Past and Present Life Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Holographic Repatterning, Voice Dialogue, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Soul Retrieval, EMDR (eye pattern movements that repattern the brain), Access Consciousness and Quantum Hypnosis Healing Techniques.

Because this is such a large energetic and personal time commitment, Tricia only does one of these Intensives a month, so she tends to get booked up quickly. If you are interested in this sort of work, it is suggested that you do your readings with her first, and then you can talk about whether this is a fit for you.  All the work is done in her house and her home is a Temple House, so it is a very healing, nurturing environment.

We never do more than two sessions in a day, because each session lasts between 3 and 4 hours. And over the course of the week we usually vary the emotional and spiritual healing work with some grounding processes like an ionic foot bath, a chiropractic session and a deep tissue massage on the last night you are here.



There are 4 hotels within 2 miles of her home: La Quinta Hotel in Vinings;  Hotel Indigo in Vinings, The Marriott Courtyard in Vinings, and the Marriott Fairfield Renaissance in Vinings. Once you arrive at the hotel from the airport (about 20 minutes away), she will come pick you up at the hotel every morning around 10:30 or 11:00 AM and drop you back at your hotel around 7:00 PM.


The Cost for the week is $3500 and the deposit to hold a week is $1000.
To Find Out More, just give us a call or speak with Tricia at the time of your reading.
Again the landline phone number is 678-309-0888