Jesus & the Secret Schools of Initiation Course

Jesus & the Secret Schools of Initiation Course

Welcome to the
Lost Years of Jesus & Secret Schools of Initiation
On Line Course
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In this seven-part series, walk alongside the Masters as Tricia connects the dots for you,
sharing deep esoteric knowledge including the hidden history, wisdom teachings,
mission of Jesus, and the Mysteries of the ancient Secret Schools of Initiation!

Would You Like to Learn…

What the Two Mysteries are that Jesus could only learn in Egypt?
Whether Jesus was the Second Coming of Buddha?
The Sacred Symbol Language of the Ancients?
What is the True Meaning of the Holy Grail?
What Jesus studied with the Druids?

Do you want to learn the secrets of the Mystery Schools of the
 Essenes, Britain, India, Persia, and Egypt as detailed in the Bronze Book of Britain,
the Emerald Tablets, the Nag Hammadi Texts, the Vatican Archives and more?

This Powerful Seven Part Course Includes:

  • 9+ hours of visually stunning videos personally taught by Tricia McCannon.
  • 1000+ illustrations, paintings, and maps detailing his journey around the ancient world.
  • 100’s of riveting and little known historical facts about our important past.
  • Hermetic symbolism and esoteric knowledge of the Ancients.
  • Deep spiritual wisdom explained. Be prepared to be blown away!
  • Separate audio transcripts of all videos for ease of listening on the go.
  • Immediate access to the course to begin your journey.
  • All materials downloadable for you to enjoy and learn at your leisure.



Jesus & the MysteriesClass One: The Great Spiritual Mysteries & the Return of the King

  • What We Know About Jesus from the New Testament
  • The Many Unanswered Questions About the Life of Jesus
  • Highlights from the Four Gospels
  • The Spiritual Mystery Schools & the White Brotherhood Hypothesis
  • The Magi and the Masters Flourishing at the Time of Jesus
  • Prophecies of the Once and Future King and the Ever Renewing Phoenix

Class Two: The Nativity and the Magi

  • Jesus' real birthdateThe Birth of a King
  • The Magi and the Star of Bethlehem
  • Contenders for the Birth date of a King
  • The Lion of Judah and the Renewal of Time
  • The Lord of Light in the Halls of the Dead and the Tau Cross
  • Jesus, Osiris and the Four Great Kumaras or Sons of God
  • The Importance of the Magi and the Sacred Beekeepers 

Class Three: Jesus Among the Essenes in the Early Years

  • Jesus early yearsThe Holy Family in Egypt  
  • The Ba Mitzvah at the Temple in Jerusalem at Age 12
  • The Cave of Elijah & the Essene School at Mount Carmel
  • The Deep Wisdom Teachings of the Essenes
  • The Mysteries of Qumran
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Texts


Class Four: Jesus in Britain and the Mysteries of the Druids

  • Jesus in BritainThe Mysteries of Britain  
  • The Land of the Holy Grail
  • Mary, Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea in Britain in His Early Years
  • Evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married
  • Anna, Joseph, and Jesus’ Celtic Roots
  • Their Time in Britain
  • The Wisdom of the Druids and What They Taught


Class Five: Jesus and the Holy Grail

  • Jesus & the Holy GrailThe Sacred Isle of Avalon
  • The Mysteries of the Tor and One World Mountain
  • Chalice Well and the Sacred Streams
  • Glastonbury and the First Christian Community
  • The Sacred Marriage and the Way of the Chalice
  • The Quest for the Holy Grail & the Future King
  • Mary Sophia – The Female Christ


Class Six: Jesus in India, Persia and with the Buddhists

  • Evidence for Jesus’ Time in India
  • The Amazing Story of Nicholas Notovitch & the Himis Monastery Documents
  • The Secret Teachings of Saint Issa: Best of the Sons of Men
  • Jesus and the Buddha
  • The Ancient Persia Mysteries & the Sarmoung Society
  • The Mysteries of Mithra, the Lord of Light
  • Christianity and Mithraism


Class Seven: Jesus in Ancient Egypt

  • Jesus in EgyptThe Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
  • Jesus, Osiris, and Horus
  • Hermetics – the sacred symbol language of the Ancients
  • The initiation center of Heliopolis
  • The activation of the nine subtle energy bodies
  • The two mysteries only learned in Ancient Egypt
  • The final initiations to prepare for the Resurrection



“I never knew much about the origins of Christianity, and in my upbringing there is an ingrained fearful knee jerk reaction to any mention of Jesus and Christianity in general. This opened up my eyes and my heart to Jesus. Learning about his life and his studies and travels made me excited to do the same. Thank you, so much I enjoyed every minute and I can’t wait for more❤❤❤- Shana Horstein

“Excellent! Fabulous, I was mesmerized. I couldn’t breath I was so filled with wonder. It was indescribably captivating!” – Kira Davidson

“I love it! And I cannot wait to watch it again!. – Angela Noelani Smith


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