DVD: The Philosopher’s Stone

DVD: The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone
2 HR. 1 disc DVD – $20

In this beautiful introduction to the Great Mystery Traditions of the past and the Great White Brotherhood itself, we discover the three step process of enlightenment known by the Ancients and imparted to their disciples. We discover the alchemical journey of transformation that leads to the refining of the soul, and to a direct contact with the highest forces of the Divine. Known to the Ancients as “the Great Work,” the alchemical symbol known as the Philosopher’s Stone was said to be achieved only when one can turn lead into gold. This powerful metaphor for the transformation of the personality into the Soul or Christ Consciousness represents no less than the spiritual enlightenment of all of matter.

In this fascinating journey of discovery we learn about the ancient language of Hermetics, the esoteric symbol language of the Mysteries that has been called “the true Language of the Soul.” We discover the meaning behind the expressions that one “must be born again” in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven, and we learn how the great Mystery Schools of the past sought to give each man or woman who had the courage to seek enlightenment, the opportunity to experience first-hand the transcendent beauty and power of the Divine.

Learn about the great World Teacher Thoth who first architected these Mysteries, how they were created, and the ultimate destiny of humankind. Discover how the power and beauty of these essential truths so inspired hundreds of thousands of initiates the world over, that this knowledge was transformed into the legends of the eternal, life-giving wisdom of the Philosopher’s Stone.