Angel Book Excerpt

Angel Book Excerpt

Practices to Deepen Your Relationship with the Angels


Angel Book CoverWhen we become aware of angels, we realize that we have wise, loving companions on our journey. Their presence in our lives is proof that we are not alone, and we have never been alone. We are each seen, heard, known, and loved. As faithful companions, our angels walk always by our sides.

There are many ways that we can begin to cultivate a partnership with these beautiful Beings of Light. The first step is to approach the invitation to the angels with an open heart. Angels are beings of extreme love, patience, and Divine service, and they respond best to similar energies. Being open, willing, and heartfelt in asking the angels to come in, are foundational factors in building a relationship with them.

Like any meaningful relationship, it takes time. The amount of time, energy, attention, and effort you put in allows your relationship to thrive and blossom. The fruits of this endeavor cannot be overstated. Moving into an active, living partnership with your angelic guides can ultimately transform your life for the better, opening you up to miracles of possibility. Like wise, devoted friends, your angels can nudge you in a particular direction, warning you of danger, giving you advice, and being there in emergencies.

But perhaps best of all they can also help to heal your belief in being alone and separate from God. This belief in “aloneness” often drives the lives of many people, causing us to feel lonely, depressed, and even desperate. It can spur us on to commit to relationships that we regret, to stay in relationships that have become toxic, and to remain in jobs where we feel miserable and unfulfilled, ultimately blocking us from our highest good.

Angel with lightThe good news is the only barriers to having a relationship with our angels lie inside of us. They are the negative thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and programs that keep us blind to their presence. These are the inherited programs of blame, shame, anger, and guilt that distract us from tuning into these higher realms. But if we are willing to pull ourselves away from these dramas and release our negative thoughts, then the smoke will clear, and we can enter a relationship of the heart that never fails.

Angels are with us all the time, operating behind the scenes in service to God, yet they must honor our free will. If we do not ask for their help, we usually will not get it. They honor our right to make our own choices, even when those choices take us off the path of our highest good.

Angel of geometric gridIt is in times of crisis when we have come to the end of our own resources, that we are most humbled by life. We can also use the word “surrendered” to Spirit. We cannot figure out how to handle the overwhelming events around us, and we simply don’t know what to do. Our “little self,” or ego, no longer has the solutions to our problems, whether it is the tragedy of having a sick child, tending to a loved one in the hospital, a marriage that is in crisis, or we are stranded on a lonely highway without gas or directions.

In these critical moments our human self has run out of solutions, and we are finally willing to ask for, or to pray for, help. It is this genuine heartfelt invitation that comes from the heart that opens the door for the angels to act. Then the miracles begin to happen. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude and humility is what keeps the door open for us to continue to receive their blessings.

To begin please carefully examine the nature of your intention. What is the reason that you are calling in your angels? Is it merely a curiosity, or is it really a greater desire to grow and get your life on track? Angels are powerful beings of high vibration, and the purer your heart, the more readily they will respond.

Let’s now begin to connect with these Divine Emissaries of Light.


The Power of Prayer

prayer candlePrayer is a powerful way to communicate with the Divine because you are speaking from your heart. I find it very useful to set aside a certain time and place each day to do my spiritual work, and to go within and put out my prayers to Spirit. This can be any time of the day that works for you, but I find it best to do this in the morning when I first get up, or after I have taken a shower and dressed, but before the chaos of the day begins. Creating a spiritual practice at the start of the day is a great way to set your intention, practice surrendering your human agenda, and asking your angels to guide you in all things.

If the mornings do not work for you, you can also choose another time. For instance, you can do your prayer work in the evening before you go to bed. Creating a nightly spiritual practice can be as simple as reading something spiritually uplifting before you go to bed, even if it is only for fifteen or twenty minutes. This will help to realign your subconscious mind to be more attuned to the Spirit realms. In this way you can actively use your dream state to open channels into the higher realms, and to receive guidance from your angels even in your sleep.


Using the Positive Laws of Prayer

It is important to know the positive laws that make prayer most effective. These little-known principles can help to make our requests for help far more powerful. Two of these laws are staying positive in our statements and making sure that statements stay in the present tense.

pink heart wings

Imagine the universe is constantly listening to you, and it reflects back whatever you are saying to it. If you speak in the negative, you will get back more of the negative. If you always say, “I’m so broke!” or “My back is killing me!” or “I can never get a break!” then this is what will continue to manifest in your life. But when you speak out your prayers in the positive, then your conscious and subconscious minds will hear this, and the life that you will start to manifest will respond to this positive affirmation.

So instead of saying, “Dear God, I’m so broke I just can’t catch a break. I need money. You gotta send me some money!” instead you say, “Thank you God for the great abundance in my life. I see prosperity and abundance coming to me from all directions, and I receive it gladly! I am abundant and joyful here and now. I am grateful for all the abundance that is flowing to me and through me, and my life is now easy, joyful, and effortless.”

Make sure to make your statements in the present tense, as if they are already happening, and not sometime in the future. Avoid using negatives and remember that the universe doesn’t hear the word “not”. It only hears “I’m poor and struggling.” You would never want to say, “Now I’m not struggling. Now I’m not poor.” Choose the things you want and affirm them in the present moment. “I am wealthy and abundant in all I do, and I am receiving good things now.”

Master prayer with hands claspedWhen we speak in the present moment, we are using the “As If” principle of prayer. Give thanks for all the good that is coming your way now “as if” it is already present in your life, and before long, it will be. And be sure to express gratitude, for gratitude opens doors in the inner realms.

If you are praying over a health issue, then speak with gratitude for whatever you are going through. “Thank you for the blessings of my body and my health. Thank for the opportunity to learn to walk again, to speak again, or to hear again. Thank you for my doctors, or herbalists, or chiropractor who is helping me to become whole and healed once more.”

You can also speak “as if” your problem is gone, praising the Creator for your blessings. So perhaps you say, “I feel better every day in every way. I thank you for this wonderful healthy body and for how strong and wise it is. I thank my back for supporting me, my legs and feet for how strong they are, my spine for how tall it stands, and for the wonderful ways that these parts of my body continue to serve me well in my life.”

Gratitude and thanks are two of the most important principles of prayer, and the more you use them with honesty, the quicker that your will learn our lessons, move through your obstacles, and return to a place of balance. And remember to give thanks even if you are struggling to understand why a particular situation is unfolding. This releases your resistance to change and opens the door for miracles…


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