CD: Landscape of the Inner Planes

CD: Landscape of the Inner Planes

What is the Nature of the Soul?

The Journey of the SoulHow did we get here and where did we come from?
How may we find the “Lands of the Golden Shores,” spoken about by mystics, poets, philosophers and masters?

Is it is possible that our world is only one of many dimensions throughout the Universe in which life exists?

If so, what do these planes or dimensions look like and how can we navigate them?

This powerful 3 1/2 hour presentation was professionally recorded in a studio and is a set of Six CD’s .

In vivid detail it charts the Landscape of the Inner Worlds, chronicling the visions of seers, mystics, shamans and philosophers throughout the ages who have traveled these realms. From near death experiences to astral and Soul Travel, we reveal the clues as to how to find these worlds for yourself and navigate them.

Join us as we learn how science and mysticism are now corroborating the existence of higher spheres of reality.

This beautiful audio book is a powerful and eloquent journey into just Who Each of Us Are as Souls!

Coming in June 2020 
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